4 Appearances By Women In Movies That Leave An Imprint

These films depict women’s different roles in society and not least the issues they may encounter. They show women of all ages.
4 appearances by women in films that leave an imprint

When we have to figure out which movie we want to see, we usually do not make the decision based on gender. It depends more on the genre. Leaving aside commercial mainstream movies, we find female roles that we can relate to. We have put together an interesting list of unique – and some shocking – examples of women in movies that you can explore further.

Two Women,  by Vittorio de Sica

The famous Italian neorealist gave us this masterpiece with amazing acting and a story based on real events that make your hair stand on end.

The film is based on a book by  Alberto Moravia,  who settled in southern Italy in 1943. There he experienced, first and foremost, the atrocities that were supposed to be the D e Allied rescue of the people  from the atrocities of Nazism.

The film Two Women tells the story of the atrocities Italian women were subjected to during World War II

It was one of the most shameful and sadistic acts in war history. General Alphonse Juin ordered his French troops, known as the ” Goumiers “, to invade and do whatever they wanted in the areas recaptured by the Allies.

This order was apparently perceived as a gift when incredibly cruel acts were performed. Many of the victims of these atrocities were Italian women. Vittorio de Sica saw  Sophia Loren  as the perfect actress to bring this film to life and show the world the true story.

Christiane F.,  by Uli Edel

This German cult film and fantastic story about heroin abuse is based on Vera Christiane Felscherinow’s own autobiography. Vera is still a great personality in Germany.

Christiane F. talks about a young woman's heroin addiction

The film’s main character is played by the young actress  Natja Brunckhorst. She delivers a convincing performance as the 13-year-old Christiane. Christiane is only interested in David Bowie, her sister, and her trips to the modern city, Berlin, to visit a boy she likes.

The story takes us on a journey from the innocence of youth to the most brutal heroin abuse and shows the power it has to smash the lives of an entire generation of young people. Interestingly, David Bowie loved the short story so much that he got a role in the film. One last, special touch.

Letter from an Unknown Woman , by Max Ophuls

We have found movies of great diversity for this list of women in movies. The next one is from Hollywood’s golden years – one of the best. It is about the most platonic,  idealized love,  without at any point becoming nauseatingly exaggerated.

Actress  Joan Fontaine  did an amazing job. Her role, Lisa, is an authentic and dreamy woman, and Joan portrays her amazingly as a person, lost in a short but strong romance. The love of her life.

In Letter from an Unknown Woman, we see a young woman fall in love hopelessly

Fontaine gives life to a woman with personality. A woman who does not feel she deserves the love she receives, but who still does not degrade herself. Instead, she tries to fight on as an independent woman.

Monster, by Patty Jenkins – an example of women in movies

Finally, on the list of women in movies, we have Monster, which tells the story of  Aileen Wuornos,  an American serial killer. An unrecognizable Charlize Theron plays Aileen. It is some of the best acting ever, which left people and reviewers speechless.

Aileen is a prostitute and has, throughout her life, experienced things that have degraded her self-esteem. Her mother is raped by one of Aileen’s father’s friends. As a 15-year-old, her parents leave her  in the hope that someone will take care of her and love her.

The only thing that has been criticized, in the film, is its unpleasant aspect seen through her horrible childhood. Aileen ignores her appearance. She becomes an alcoholic and prostitute, leaving many of the clients to come down on her and insult her.

Charlize Theron plays amazingly in her movie Monster

One night she meets Selby, played by  Christina Ricci, a young lesbian girl who lives for a time with her uncle and aunt, in the same town where Aileen lives. This evening begins a love story with confusion over their own feelings.

It is said that everyone deserves a second chance, but in this world there are true monsters who lead the most defenseless souls towards revenge. It is unpredictable, exciting and eye-opening  how the circumstances of life leave an imprint on our personality.

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