5 Virtues For A Calm Mind

A calm mind sees the world with greater clarity and perspective. It is possible to put away anxious and irrational thoughts in order to make better decisions. Discover how, in this article.
5 virtues for a calm mind

A calm mind is not only focused but disciplined. Without a doubt, the time we live in now always forces us to multitask and get things sorted out instantly. That is why it is now a privilege to be able to achieve inner balance, where thoughts, feelings and behaviors are in complete harmony and focus on what is really important.

Shiba Yoshimasa, a 14th-century Japanese admiral, said that  the most important quality of a warrior or samurai was clearly a calm mind. These kinds of ideas are very inspiring.

If there is one thing that most of us know, it is that it is not easy to train the mind; especially not in a discipline where emotional regulation, the ability to reflect, and inner serenity are so important.

Now many books provide advice and help to train your attention. In addition, there are disciplines, such as mindfulness, which show meditation as an ideal strategy to tease nervous minds.

These strategies may work for some people. However, not all fit them. This is because it is very difficult to change our thought patterns. It is not easy to put a stop to a mind that typically goes faster than life itself.

We therefore know that it takes time to find a strategy that best suits each person’s particular circumstances. Reaching for it, however, can be helpful in achieving a more relaxed mind, which over time will allow your reality to be focused on your well-being.

A calm mind equals a clear mind

Within Buddhist philosophy, there is a very interesting  concept called the “monkey mind”. This term refers to the restless, unmanageable and even annoying state of mind that goes from branch to branch in a forest of thoughts. A mind lost in its own worries that clings to the ego and is unable to see what really matters.

One strategy to help a monkey mind become a calm mind is to get them down from the forest of thoughts and down to solid ground. Only by having our feet planted firmly on the ground will we gain more control and perspective.

It is in that moment that the person reaches balance and inner security. Creativity, reflection and personal control need to meet in order to make better decisions in life.

That said, let’s analyze some virtues that define a calm mind in order to understand why it’s important to work on them.

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1. A calm mind, less anxiety

The head of the psychiatry department at the University of Washington, Dr. Peter Roy-Byrne, points out something important. Anxiety disorders are more common than depression and just as disabling.

Anxiety is the unwelcome companion that comes and goes in a person’s daily life. But it is possible to keep this enemy away by performing mindfulness.

A sense of calm begins to emerge when your mental focus finally concentrates on important things all the time, putting negative emotions away and silencing intrusive thoughts.

2. Separate yourself from what is happening around you

“Monkey minds” or anxious minds have curious abilities. Everything that happens around them affects them in an intense and inevitable way. No matter how insignificant an event is, everything will end up being magnified, resulting in more discomfort.

A calm mind, on the other hand, has an unusual virtue. It is able to maintain a certain distance, which acts as a protective filter. By observing what surrounds them, with greater serenity, they can better handle unexpected situations and are able to control the effect of them.

3. Inner calm and emotional control

A focused and relaxed mind has not always been like this. This type of mind had to learn to deal with its emotions. 

Instead of ignoring their anxiety, hiding their fears or turning their face to worries, know with a calm mind how to effectively deal with these inner demons. They have learned to understand their fears and understand that anxiety is a part of life. The most important thing is that they know how to keep it under control.

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4. They remain calm and courageous before a challenge

When our inner being seems unable to get out of a stressful or anxious situation, we do not act, we simply react. It’s like a leaf floating in the wind It has no control over its movements and ends up being hit here and there. This does not happen for a calm mind.

A calm mind is full of reflection. They do not act based on instincts. Instead, they look at the world with perspective and act proactively. They are rarely caught in the storm because they see it coming. Courage is a major trait of this type of mind, as they do not hesitate to deal with every challenge that comes their way.

5. A calm mind makes better decisions

Your nationality, language and culture do not define you. What really defines you as a person are the decisions you choose to make. A unique way to have better control and success in each of these steps is to learn to decide in a calm mind.

A calm mind is like a neat room. It has control and perspective. It is a place where intuition meets experience. It is the place where every person can make decisions that will guide the direction of their life with greater success.

In conclusion, we will mention something that psychologist Daniel Kahneman once said. He stated that in addition to how we feel at a particular time, it is necessary to always act calmly. Remember that  calm does not occur just like that. It is important to train it and appreciate it by gaining control over its emotions and thoughts at all times. Use it today!

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