6 Philosophical Films About Identity, You Should See

6 philosophical films about identity you should see

As many movie lovers know, the white screen is a place where we can explore and explore the very essence of being human.

In fact, here we have found 6 philosophical films about identity that are worth watching… 

An everlasting sunshine in a spotless mind

Eternal sunshine in an immaculate mind  tells the story of a man who cannot forget a person. This person lives so deep inside his mind that she seems to touch his soul. The main character’s suffering is impressive in this powerful film.

Can a person be so important in our lives that they affect our personal identity? According to this movie, it seems obvious that the answer is yes.


In a futuristic world, genetic ancestry determines what role in life one plays. Do you think that one day it could become a reality? The history of  Gattaca  shows that  dreams and willpower can help the individual overcome all obstacles. 

Another valuable lesson for us in  Gattaca  is that life is considered a career. Never skimp on anything and put all your will and enthusiasm into what you do. 


A man with short-term memory loss is investigating how he got into his current situation. The film is shown backwards, from the end to the beginning. The tattoos that the protagonist gets to help him remember give a good overview of the story.

Do we deceive ourselves into making things we do not understand make sense? Yes sure. Memento  is a clear example of this.

The last Temptation of Christ

The Last Temptation of Christ,  is the controversial film by Martin Scorsese. It is an interpretation of the novel by the Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis.

The film is about Jesus as a man who doubts himself and who  has a hard time finding his place in the world and loses his identity along the way. 

Are we really destined in life? Does our identity obey a development determined by an overall plan of which we are unaware? Should we follow fate when our dreams tell us otherwise?

The Matrix

Now we turn to one of the famous films of the Wachowski brothers with Keanu Reeves,  The Matrix. 

Can you imagine one day discovering that everything around you is a lie? Would it be possible to believe that everything that surrounds us is virtual and created in our image to meet our basic needs? What if you discovered that you were the chosen one?

Who are we really? Are we born with a purpose we do not know? Do we create our own identity through life, or do we never find out what our true destiny is in the world?


We will end our review with the English film,  Excalibur , by John Boorman. It tells the story of the Arthurian legend from Camelot. Arthur was born with a goal of becoming king and uniting all the countries around Camelot. 

Excalibur is  full of symbolism that relates to identity. A round table where no one is better than the sideman. A king who is torn between his duty as monarch and his private life as husband. It’s an allegory of friendship and loyalty…

The prevalent mythology that is the background of this film is still worth exploring.

The people around us, the feeling of belonging, dreams and goals for life. Yes, even our quest for stability and happiness is masterfully reflected in these films.

Which is your favorite?

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