7 Good Reasons To Practice Tai Chi

7 good reasons to practice Tai Chi

Tai Chi has become very popular all over the world in the last few years. It originates from that China, but today millions of people perform it in all parts of the world.

Tai Chi is a physical-spiritual practice, but at the same time it is also a meditation technique. It is a martial art, but also a lifestyle. People call it “meditation in motion” and it has many followers because there are many people who have found great benefits for their physical and mental health in it.

“The water runs smoothly where the brook is deep.”

–William Shakespeare–

This martial art basically consists of learning and practicing a variety of movements or “positions “. You adopt certain positions and then move harmoniously to others until you finish a sequence. The positions have poetic names such as “the white crane spreads its wings” or “share the wild horse’s mane.” It does a lot for you and we will talk about a few benefits now.

Tai Chi gives you the energy of life

Tai Chi is closely linked to the philosophy of Taoism. That is why energy is referred to as “Qi” or “Chi. “It’s part of life’s energy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this energy must flow freely through your body and the right pathways. If this does not happen, pain and illness will occur because your Qi is blocked.

Woman practices tai chi in front of sun

Tai Chi’s movements are designed to activate your energy flow and release blockages. You will feel it first in your muscles, respiratory system and circulatory system. This is how it protects your body from disease.

2. Calm your mind with Tai Chi

As we mentioned earlier, Tai Chi is also a relaxation technique. The positions are designed to make tense muscles relax. It uses breathing techniques that promote a state of peace and tranquility in you.

Mental balance is one of Tai Chi’s goals. It helps to balance your emotions and it helps you to give yourself a more positive attitude towards life. People who practice Tai Chi every day are less likely to have anxiety.

3. Your arms and legs become stronger

You do pretty much all the positions in Tai Chi standing. Your joints are the basis of the whole practice of this unique martial art. Your extremities get more oxygen and your muscles tone up. Your arms and legs become much stronger. It also keeps you from losing muscle mass, which begins to accelerate after the age of 40.

People practice tai chi on the beach

4. It improves respiratory and cardiovascular function

Exercising is an excellent way to strengthen your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Tai Chi is no exception. But it has the added benefit of being a gentle, progressive exercise that combines both dynamic and static movement.

Research has shown that your heart rate drops while you practice Tai Chi, but your blood circulation increases. The deep breathing also increases your lung capacity.

5. It helps on migraines, muscle aches and insomnia

Muscle pain often comes from poor posture or built up tension . The positions you use in Tai Chi help to improve your posture in daily life and make your muscles relax. Thus, muscle pain and migraines are reduced, among other things.

Focus on physical and mental balance makes Tai Chi an ideal practice for anyone with insomnia. It helps you channel your anxiety so that it does not turn into persistent anxiety and trouble sleeping.

6. Tai Chi loosens your joints and protects you from falling

As we mentioned earlier, your joints play a big role in Tai Chi. The movements will stretch and loosen elbows, knees, hips and hands. Your joints become more flexible and stronger.

Silhouette of woman practicing tai chi

The movements change as your strength grows. They also use a wide variety of body movements . Together, these aspects lead to a reduced risk of falls and injuries. Your body gets stronger and it improves your balance.

7. It helps your brain work better and lowers high blood pressure

It also seems that Tai Chi improves your memory because of the extra oxygen it sends to your brain. In addition to that, it will improve your concentration and mental acuity as the movement sequences require both. In fact, research has shown that people with high blood pressure will see improvements if they practice Tai Chi.

As you can see, Tai Chi is a practice with great potential. You can practice it no matter how old you are or where you are. We especially recommend it for people who want to get into meditation but are looking for something more dynamic than yoga or other relaxation methods.

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