7 Useful Tips For Achieving Self-motivation

If you want to achieve self-motivation, an obsessed pursuit of perfection does not help in the long run. If you have a positive attitude towards learning, then you will see your mistakes as part of the process.
7 useful tips for achieving self-motivation

Where does self-motivation come from? It is a powerful force and it is the strength you need so that you can make your goals and dreams a reality. We come to think of tennis player Rafael Nadal and his famous “get started!” When he feels pressured on the court. But how can we achieve self-motivation? Our inner voice is the key.

This voice of self-motivation has the power to make us do the daily actions that we think are the most difficult, such as going to work, studying and exercising. It can also affect our thoughts and make them strong enough to excite us and fill us with passion when we are on the right path towards our goals.

It is estimated that our minds have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. That equates to about 40 thoughts per minute. We think and react mentally to circumstances or moments that we go through, depending on countless emotional variants. Many of these thoughts go unnoticed, others we try to hold on to when they are going away, and others, without realizing it, become part of our reality.

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Our thoughts can motivate us

We form opinions about ourselves and our environment from a very young age. An opinion is defined as an idea, prejudice or concept that a person has or forms about something or someone. We should respect the opinions of others, as different opinions come from human diversity. However, this does not mean that every opinion is true or valid!

From an objective point of view, it is impossible that all the 60,000 thoughts we mentioned earlier are correct or true. They are simply personal prejudices  with no guarantee of their validity. Many of these thoughts and opinions help us to reflect and be inspired. These are part of achieving self-motivation. Other thoughts sabotage our well-being and actually deter it.

Self-motivation and the motivating factors

But for each of these deterrents, there are others that motivate us, set us in motion, and give us an uplifting feeling. So how can we create an impulse that will positively affect our mood? How can we make our “motivating factors” outweigh the negatives? And how can we be encouraged without using external voices?

7 tips to achieve self-motivation

Here are 7 ways to encourage yourself to achieve the self-motivation that is necessary for life’s challenges and the goals you have set for yourself.

Inner dialog

If we do not want to accept some thoughts as being true, then we must create a healthy inner dialogue. We need to distinguish between which thoughts will hinder us and which will help us with our goals. This can be quite difficult, especially in the beginning.

One way to do this is by creating an imaginary character, naming it and having a dialogue with it. Sometimes you have to set boundaries for it, other times you have to make sure to keep it quiet. Eventually, though, you will be able to create a kind of “friendship” that will last a lifetime.

Pay attention to your mood to achieve self-motivation

We live with our many moods; some of them are more productive and constructive than others. Self-compassion will help you cope even in difficult times, knowing that by deciding things, you have the tools to change them. Do exercises that connect your mind with your body, such as yoga or mindfulness.

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Go from commitments to decisions

How many of your thoughts begin with “I need…”? It’s time to make decisions and change them to “ I’m going to…” . If you make a list of these “I need tanker thoughts, you will see that many come from routines you have created, habits you have inherited or rules that are not really necessary in your daily life. How many of your “I need tanker thoughts are actually your own personal choices?

Take a look at your personal values

Personal values ​​are deep beliefs that determine your lifestyle and control your behavior. When they move you to act, they are very powerful. For every “ deterrent ” there is a personal value that balances your life and gives you strength.

Have a positive attitude towards learning

You are a human being. If you want to achieve self-motivation, an obsessed pursuit of perfection does not help in the long run. If you have a positive attitude towards learning, then you will see your mistakes as part of the process. You learn and you adapt. The moment you accept your imperfection, you take the first step toward improvement.

Focus your work on quality

When you work towards the optimum, you will discover the satisfaction of achieving what you want without having to make comparisons. You do not have to compete with anyone because perfectionism helps you to improve yourself day by day. It is demanding, but also understandable.

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Believe in yourself

Start trusting yourself a little too little. Just because you tried something before and did not achieve it does not mean that you can not achieve it now. Have faith and understand that you always do things as best you can. Believe in yourself. You do not have to be Rafael Nadal, but remember the famous shout “GET STARTED!”.

Also remember that self-motivation comes from within, based on the strengths and virtues we all have. Do not give up on the first try, or the second or third. Each step of the way, you can prove to yourself that you can improve.

Avoid underestimating yourself. You will always make mistakes, but you need to make sure that you make them tools for learning. As long as you have the will to transform them into strengths, you will never really fail.

Self-motivation is born in the present. If you believe in your abilities, the following quote will make sense to you:

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