7 Ways To Avoid Wasting Time

7 methods to avoid wasting time

Sometimes we wonder why we are taking so long to do something that should not take more than a few hours of our time. We cannot avoid wasting time by not doing something productive. In a strange way, it is as if there is less time or the tasks become even bigger. In the end, it ends up being a variable that is out of control, at least in part. 

“Do you love life? So do not waste time. Because that is exactly the time that life consists of. ”

–Benjamin Franklin–

If we do not plan the time well enough, it helps us to waste a lot of it. This is valuable time that we need later to stay informed or just have more free time. With the sheer amount of stimuli we are exposed to, it is difficult to lay out an action plan and execute it to perfection. But it is not impossible. So in this article we will give you some strategies that will show you how you can avoid wasting time.

Punctuality – an antidote that shows you how to avoid wasting time

It all starts with punctuality. If you arrive late or start late, there is already a mess in what you were supposed to do. You start out with chaos. You start a series of activities that are not well thought out or that will lead to chaos.

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Punctuality is not just about starting the activity. It’s also about finishing it. You will need to be just as focused when it comes to starting work as when it comes to completing it. This should also apply to breaks. If you start out by respecting the time frame, it will help a lot when you have to meet your deadline, and at the same time you can enjoy the benefits of being well organized.

Prioritization is essential

Prioritizing tasks is a significant factor when you want to avoid wasting time. This usually means that you prioritize the most urgent tasks and leave the less urgent until later. So this way, if you did not manage to do it at the end of the day, then you at least managed to do the most important thing.

Another way to prioritize is to organize the tasks from most complex to most simple. As you begin your day, you will be more composed and have better energy reserves. This allows you to be more efficient. It is the ideal way to perform difficult tasks. The simple tasks will not draw much energy from you, so you do not have to be completely on top to perform them.

Take it step by step and simplify things

This activity is especially useful for people who have difficulty organizing themselves. The only thing it includes is that you divide each task into steps and follow them one by one, and not do it all at once. This will also give you a positive feeling of having accomplished something, and help you distribute your time and energy better.

Clock is taken apart as a symbol to avoid wasting time

The best way to avoid wasting time is to do only one task at a time. You must have felt this feeling before. You have so many things you want to do, but you end up not doing any of them. Everything is only done halfway and you fail to focus on any of the tasks you are working on, thus increasing your stress level. We have divided our attention, and thus the number of defeats increases.

Get to know your rhythm and your tempo

It is always important to know yourself well enough so that you can avoid wasting time. Work is not an exception. Therefore , it is extremely important that you observe yourself for a while and find out how long it takes you to complete a certain task. Focus on the tasks that are an essential part of your work.

Don’t just keep track of how much time you spend. It is also good to observe your attitude towards these tasks and which aspects are the easiest or most difficult to get started with.  The information you get from these observations will help you better understand your rhythm and your tempo. This way, you can give yourself a more realistic goal that will help improve you.

Take advantage of the technology to your own advantage

This is one of the worst modern problems – always being too busy with our mobiles or what we need to achieve at work. It would be best if you could set aside some time each day to check your messages, and then that was it.

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If you can not control your behavior, that is, no matter how hard you try, you can not tear yourself away from the electronics, you will have to do something about it, as willpower is clearly not enough. For example , you can replace your current mobile with someone who only takes calls, turns off the mobile or leaves it at home. 

Learn to disconnect

This is about punctuality and the ability to meet its deadline. When you have free time, shut down your connection to work. If you can do that, it’s a sign that you respect your time, and when you do, you’re taking care of your physical and mental health.

Do not take your work home. It is crucial that you separate your personal life from your work life. The best thing you can do is have an email for work and an email for personal stuff, and then never mix the two. Ideally, you should learn how to completely disconnect from work when you are not there.

Make the most of your free time

Your work may be strenuous. Maybe the only thing you feel like when you get off work is sitting on the couch, watching TV and “not thinking about anything.” Or maybe you go to bed right away so you can get your energy back. But you still feel. that you have not really rested.

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When you relax, it’s not time to do the activities you hate the most. But time does not have to be spent passively either. Ideally, your rest time will actually be fun, creative and emotionally helping you avoid wasting time. It is better to spend time with your family and the people who matter most to you. Talking to them, going for walks with them or embarking on a relaxing hobby. If you manage to do that, you will experience how your feeling of tiredness really disappears.

Time is the way we measure life. It is life itself. That is why your time is so valuable, and that is why one can experience negative thoughts and feelings of wasting time. Thoughts that you are incompetent, or feelings that you are incompetent. So try to make time to relax and do the things you love. It’s worth the effort.

Photos kindly provided by Lev Kaplan, Elith Smicht 

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