An Ending Is Just A New Beginning

An end is just a new beginning

I have always liked open endings in film, television and literature. Conclusions that make us imagine how the story can continue. When we know, the story is not quite finished. The end is just a new beginning.

Another chapter is written, it’s all that ends one phase in order to begin another . Conclusions that remind us that an end is just a new beginning.

Our lives are full of cycles that begin and end . So we will live through many beginnings and endings. Some of them we experience first hand and they will be phases of our own lives. We experience others through the stories of others, whether they are true stories or not.

We will experience our love stories and breakups, our misses or mistakes in science or math, falls when we learn to walk or bike, the friends we make along the way and others that we lose…

And from others around us, we learn through the stories, they tell us about their own experiences. And of course, we have the chance to learn from the characters in books and movies.

“We need many endings so we can have many beginnings.”

-Laura Chica-

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The end of a book

Once again, I close the book and I go from the end back to the beginning, from the back to the cover. To rediscover the title, to pay attention to the illustration on the cover, hold the book in my hands and spend a few minutes in silence… As my mind travels through its words, pages and story again.

But I have to get back to reality whether I like it or not. The end has come. It always tastes so bittersweet when you are immersed in a story and its journey is silently blended into your own.

It does not matter if these stories are told through movies, books or TV series. Long or short stories, whether they last for hours, days, months or even years. Whatever the case, they all reach their end, their dreaded but expected end.

Sometimes it’s an open ending. It gives wings to your imagination to continue the story where no scenes or words remain. In other cases, it’s just a sudden end.

Like when writers of a TV series go on strike. Or an author would like to make more of a book but is never happy with it . Or even one of those endings that doesn’t feel like an end. After a great story, the person who moved the strings knew exactly how to end it.

“Not all conclusions are good. But all endings are new beginnings with new opportunities to be happy ”.

-Albert Ureña-

Say goodbye and then start your new adventure

Sad or happy endings. Endings that can not even be defined, but end at the end of the day. Endings that mark nothing more than new beginnings.

The time has come to wake up and say goodbye to the story that will live in your memory. And then to begin new adventures.

Once a book is finished or a movie ends, it’s time to find new stories and allow other people to teach us to dream and live. Like any end, an end is just a new beginning. An opportunity to open ourselves to new and unknown things.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is necessary.

Butterfly flies from light towards new beginning

An ending is just a new beginning

Getting to the end of a story that ignites our passion is never easy. It’s not even easy when we talk about fictional stories where the characters have touched our hearts.

So it’s even harder when we have to accept that life is cyclical and there is time for everything. And when something comes to an end, we have no choice but to accept that it will not continue and open us up to new possibilities.

Everything starts and ends, even life. Every living being is born and dies. And over the course of a lifetime, it goes through several stages of growth and development. As humans, from the moment we are conceived, we begin to grow.

And for us to be born, nine months later, the pregnancy must end. Let’s look at the world as babies and keep growing. From children to teenagers, then to adulthood, and finally old age will find us.

Each start of a new phase is linked to the end of the previous one. An end is just a new beginning. Nothing more… And nothing less.

“Every time something goes, it makes room for what follows.”

-Jorge Bucay-

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