Disappointment Can Be Beneficial To Move On

Disappointment can be beneficial to move on

We have all experienced times where we seem to go from one disappointment to another. We hit rock bottom until we finally open our eyes and realize where we are. We are on a strange island, surrounded by false friendships, deceptive people and failed emotions. Then we can pick up the broken pieces of our heart and finally move on without looking back. We can move forward with pride and determination.

Experts in sports psychology say that all athletes should learn to deal with disappointment early in their careers. In all kinds of competitive sports there will be a winner and a loser. All athletes experience moments of better or worse performance. They get injured and go through things that are unrelated to their training or performance. Things that can prevent them from participating in a competition, a test or a match.

In the game of life the same thing happens. Many of us learn from a young age that if we work hard, there is a guarantee of success. We also learn that if we take care of those we love, then they will take care of us. No one wanted to tell us that  two plus two does not always give four in this life.  Or that there are often more clouds than there are blue skies. No one told us that humans are fallible, contradictory, and absolutely  imperfect.

Dealing with everyday disappointments is not an easy task. Interestingly, it is worth mentioning that  disappointment is the third most experienced human emotion after love and remorse. Therefore, we must learn to recognize it, come to terms with it, and confront it. Now we will talk about how to do it. 

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Is disappointment one of the conditions of life? No, not always

There will always be the person who comes up with a condescending remark, such as: “ experiencing great defeats in life is necessary. Being disappointed gives us the motivation we need to grow. ” These kinds of statements look nice on social media, but we’ll have to analyze them and put them in context.

First  , no one needs to experience heartbreaking disappointment to understand what life is all about. It is better to think of disappointment as something we should learn to deal with as early as possible. That way, we can avoid losing control of the situation. . In small doses, you can better learn to handle it, so that you also learn from the experience.

It is important to have the tools to deal with everyday disappointments. If you are prepared, you can avoid huge disappointments, the kind that make the problems go completely awry. Where one is unable to deal with the pain, completely lost. We say this for a very specific reason:  if left untreated, small disappointments can turn into silent killers of relationships. 

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We swallow our disappointment

Let’s just think about it for a moment. Some people choose to ignore their partner’s small push without realizing it is becoming a daily habit.  We say it does not matter when our best friend forgets that it is today we get the result of an important test. We choose to remain silent when our family talks sarcastically about the “silly” project we are so excited about.

We avoid expressing much of the disappointment we feel because we do not want to offend anyone. We are afraid of breaking the bonds that bind us to other people. But  we have forgotten that it is we who have been offended. And that the person holding on to one disappointment after another will eventually suffocate. Eventually one will wake up and realize that everything around him is a lie. If we respond sooner, we will learn to respond in a timely manner. 

Strategies to better deal with disappointment

Disappointment is so much more than an unfulfilled expectation. It is a breakdown of the safe, a bond that loses its strength, a cold wind that opens our eyes and builds a wall around our heart. Men. How could I have taken so many things for granted? How could I have been so confident and built so much of my house on top of sand?

If you want to know how to handle these situations better, consider the following strategies.

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Tie up the knot of disappointment

One of the first things we need to learn is to avoid what is known as “prejudice.” Here we are talking about the tendency to believe that as soon as we know the result of something, then we should have been able to predict it all. There are things we can not foresee. We do not have a crystal ball that shows us how certain people react to things. The best thing is to accept what has happened and avoid blaming ourselves or putting all the responsibility on our own shoulders.

The second important factor is related to what we have already talked about. We need to be able to deal with the small disappointments before we come in contact with the big ones of this kind. The kind that destroys self-confidence. Always remember to talk about what bothers, “when it bothers, and not when it’s too late.”

The third and final strategy we should apply in our daily lives is the ability to gain perspective. We must realize that we all make mistakes. We all have the power to dream, inspire hope and disappointment. Therefore, we are all exposed to this endless cycle of sometimes winning and other times losing. We live in a world where “the right place” can change at any time. Where we will have to reuse and change our plans. Where we are going, who we are with and even our goals.

Sometimes disappointment is just life’s weird way of saying that there’s a lot more waiting for us…

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