Do You Live For Others? It’s Time To Be Yourself!

Do you live for others?  It's time to be yourself!

Has it become more important to please others than to be yourself? Have you become a different person than you are, so more people like you? When you sacrifice yourself, you lose yourself, so that you eventually forget who you really are. You no longer know what you like or what you want. You have given other people the key to your life.

When you sacrifice yourself and become the person others want you to be, you pay a high price for gaining recognition and a false sense of appreciation. After all, it is not you they approve of, but a fake you. You only show them an illusion.

You have not yet figured out that  life is not about who can sacrifice the most for others to accept them. It’s about exploring oneself and becoming the best version of oneself.

If you decide to be the person others want you to be, you will become vulnerable to their manipulations and caught in malaise trying to become something you are not.

When you sacrifice yourself, your suffering begins

From the moment you sacrifice the person you truly are, suffering becomes the companion of your life. Your eyes will be fixed on the people around you and you will be filled with worry and guilt. You will be constantly on alert, especially in the face of potential criticism and disapproval.

Such a situation  can make you cry yourself to sleep every night instead of making you happy. Anxiety and stress become a permanent part of your life. “You must…”, “You should be…” are thoughts that will fill your mind. You do not know where these demands came from and why you feel so nervous.

It feels like your opinion does not apply. In fact, it no longer exists! The only thing that matters is what others say. You never even question your behavior toward them. You give them everything!

But… have you ever thought about why you do not feel good about yourself? Why do you have that feeling of being wrong when you have done everything you have been asked to do?

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To satisfy others – find the balance

When you were a kid, you were asked to be kind to your neighbor.  You gave a hand when others needed it. You support and encourage them and you understand their problems.

You are very flexible with others and sometimes you forgive big mistakes. But  it does not seem that you treat yourself the same way. You are not happy with yourself. You demand more. You will be perfect. You think that if you do not do everything right, others will not accept or love you.

You think that if you say “no”, others will reject and hate you, and in that way you will lose friendships. But what would happen if one of your friends said “no”? You would be understandable, right? So why not let yourself be yourself, say what you think and what you want? Why not let yourself be honest and be yourself instead of constantly making others happy?

We often have a blurred concept of how we should be. Therefore,  we ignore our own needs when we ourselves have the main role in our own lives. We have lost focus, we are heading in the wrong direction and we are paying a high price for it.

You stop being yourself. We care about making others happy. We deceive ourselves. We cheat and lie. All just to get a few smiles and compliments. What in the world are we doing?

It’s time to strengthen your self-esteem and be yourself

When you stop being yourself to please others, your self-esteem is likely to be in ruins.  You depend on other people to be happy, and it doesn’t even work.

What would happen if the friend you had turned around and stopped talking to you? What would happen if your partner left you? And if your boss fired you tomorrow? You would stand alone in these situations. You would have to find the person you once were, your true self, who sacrificed himself for a handful of smiles. The person you gave up.

There are times in life when you have no choice but to pick up the broken splinters. Shards that were crushed because of the minimal attention you gave yourself. It’s the only way to boost your self-esteem.

Butterfly on hand

It is not selfish to be yourself, to help yourself in times of despair and sadness. It is perfectly permissible to want to be alone and not see other people. You have to pamper yourself, listen to yourself, be with yourself.

The time you spend satisfying others is by no means well spent. It makes you vulnerable, and less good people can use it to manipulate you the way they want. Forget about always looking after others, and spend time looking at yourself.

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