Five Motivational Quotes About Family

A family is not formed or united as a consequence of having a big house, a successful company or a lot of money. It is based on love, care, understanding and tenderness. 
Five Motivational Quotes About Family

Are you having a bad day? Is everything wrong at the moment and full of nonsense? Could you use a break, not only physically but also mentally? If so, these motivating quotes about family may be for you. 

Thus, by the time you get home, much of the stress and torment you have accumulated will be gone. Without the support of the family, everything becomes more complicated. It does not matter if you live with your parents, as a couple, with roommates or just with your pets. The fact is, your family makes you feel safe, and never threatened or pressured. 

Family are the people we love and who love us. But, before we start, let’s highlight one concept: When we talk about family, we are not referring to a traditional family (parents and children).

Everyone can be “family” when you are surrounded by those you love and who you want around you. Therefore, these motivational quotes about family growth that we are going to share with you are some that will help you keep this in mind.

Motivational quotes about family

Mark V. Olsen

Couple sitting on sofa

This is about the relaxing moment when a warrior finally takes a break. Coming home to his family should be the best time of day. To be with the people you love, who understand you, who love you. Is there anything better in life?

Your day may have been a disaster, but in your home, near those you love, any negative emotion should be dissolved / weakened to enjoy your time with them. Without a doubt, the ability to leave everything bad behind you is one of the great benefits of enjoying the family. 

Mother Teresa

Sometimes, we are nothing more than human beings making everything complicated. However, enjoying a family that loves you and that you love will make it all better. This is why there are many couples out there who believe that something as simple as what Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say will be enough to reduce conflicts in the world.

What would happen if we all focused more on what we do and less on what others do? If we all looked more inward, at our own family, and  stopped comparing ourselves to others  and looking for conflicts? If we do, many of our worries will, for sure, go away.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Should the family be placed above everything else? Should love rule over everything else? The truth is that this quote by Reinhold Niebuhr raises several interesting questions.

Does the law really serve us as a society? Or, conversely, do we end up as prisoners of such laws? If the latter is the case, then we are, obviously, wrong on it because we are going against our own nature.

Motivational Quotes About Family: George A. Moore

How many times have we searched for what we really need outside our borders? It’s funny because, in today’s world, millions of people are sincerely looking for work, company and professional success. But is that really what we need?

Both George A. Moore do not think that is the case. What people really need is family. A home where you feel calm and joy. 

It is a place where we can be ourselves,  without limitations, without ambiguity. To live in balance and filled with love for the people who love us and who choose to share their lives with us. Home is the place we participate in and nurture the family.

Walt Whitman

As we reflect on this quote, we realize how wonderful it is to read Walt Whitman. A man who knew how to live to find joy in the simplest things. Without a doubt, he considered the family an important part of his world.

We tend to long for success and only think about fun in the moment. We want a huge house and / or a yacht. But what’s the point of having any material things you want if you can not share them with the people you love?

When life draws to a close, and when our strength disappears from us, then it will be those who are there for us: our family. From any element of our context, they will make a difference in our lives.

Motivational Quotes About Family: Conclusion

A family is not formed or united as a consequence of having large houses, successful companies or money in abundance. It is based on love, care, understanding and tenderness.

Therefore, these motivating quotes about family, perhaps, will help you remember the importance of taking care of your loved ones. Both accepting their help when they offer it to you, and offering your own when they need it.

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