For The Danish People, Coziness Equals Happiness

For the Danish people, cosiness equals happiness

People who live in Denmark are happier than the citizens of any other country. Why? This question can be answered with one word: coziness. This word cannot be translated directly into English, but it is related to personal well-being, sharing moments with loved ones and enjoying time at home.

Who does not like to be at home when it is cold outside. Drinking a cup of coffee with your spouse or children, or reading a book with a cup of hot tea in hand? It would be monotonous if you did it every day. But doing it once in a while can bring you closer to being happy.

Maybe it’s not very cold right now. But you can swap carpets and the sofa out with a small patio in the backyard. You can take a walk where the company you are in and the conversations you have on the trip are worth more than the steps you take. I’m sure you understand that there are thousands of ways to use this Danish word in your life.

Feel comfortable to be happy

When Danish people are asked about the definition of cosiness (a local word that has no translation into another language), they say that it is about what makes them happy. Cosiness is more an attitude. It’s a way of life. It is to find the most beautiful place in the house. It is to spend time with loved ones and push all commitments aside. This Scandinavian country considers this to be the best way to live, even in the extreme weather conditions they experience in winter.

In the coldest months, the Danish people spend almost all day at home (there are only 4 hours of daylight at this time). Therefore, home decor, comfortable furniture, and having plenty of space around them is important. They also place great emphasis on the activities that take place inside the house. It can be reading, watching a movie, talking together, cooking, playing games, learning new things, and above all spending time with family.

Cozy with coffee in front of the fireplace

Intimate places, happiness guaranteed

Minimalist style is not “allowed” in Denmark. They choose not to use it because it reduces the feeling of comfort, security and warmth. When decorating, they use warm colors like orange and red. They buy solid wood furniture and decorate it with useful accessories and objects.

The intimacy of their space or environment also has something to do with the lighting. Even though it is dark outside most of the day, they prefer to use candles, dim lamps and fire to heat or light up the room. They do not like bulbs that are too bright or powerful.

Candles create coziness

It is also worth mentioning the textiles they use. Not only textiles for clothes, but also for carpets, drapes and carpets. It is usually earth-colored fabric made of thick, comfortable material.

For Danes, all this is part of their definition of happiness. It’s not just about being happy at home. It’s about enjoying being at home when they can’t be outside. Or to enjoy it even when the weather is good!

Can we all enjoy coziness?

This Danish model of happiness has already been exported to other parts of the world. Why? Because even in cities that are not cold, people have realized that it is very comfortable to spend time at home. Spend time with family and friends, drink a cup of coffee or a beer, eat ice cream. Just doing something you enjoy.

One thing to keep in mind is that cosiness is not only related to winter, even though the winter is quite long in Denmark. It can also be implemented in the hot months of summer or at any time of the year. Why? Because it’s more about your way of living and feeling comfortable. It does not have much to do with the weather, although the weather is part of it.

Girl reading a book

In her book, “The Year of Living Danishly”, Helen Russell describes her experience as a foreigner who enjoys cosiness. The author says that coziness is about being good at oneself, not denying oneself the pleasures of life, not punishing oneself and looking for moments of joy in the little things : a piece of chocolate, an episode of your favorite TV show. series, a book you love, a little music and the warmth of a hug.

If you stop and think about these things, you will be able to see what really makes you happy. Everything else is extra stuff. You can not find true well-being in a tightly packed wardrobe or in a new car. But you can find it by spending time with the people you love and doing something you like. It’s real fun!

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