Generation Y And Marriage

Young people want to develop and establish their professional careers before starting a family.
Generation Y and marriage

Many claim that the marriage is in disrepair, but that is not exactly what recent findings show. Find out all about Generation Y and marriage in this fascinating article.

Those who believe that the famous question; “Will you marry me?”, Will end up disappearing, have to think again when reading this article! The marriage is not going to disappear.

However, it will face major changes. This is exactly what we are going to analyze in this article. Read on to explore the latest trends according to Generation Y and Marriage.

Marriage is not in disrepair, it just happens later in life. This is what the latest statistics seem to indicate. Indeed, some specialists have explored the relationship between Generation Y and marriage.

Our new generation has not ruled out the idea of ​​getting married,  they have simply changed “how” and “when”. Generation Y couples believe in marriage. However, they believe that an average of 6 years of relationship before marriage is a wise decision.

The previous generation of young people had begun to extend this time and it seems to be a rising trend for generation Y as well. This period of getting to know themselves and their partner seems to be one of the new marriage guarantees.

The influence of parents on generation Y and marriage

After all,  there are many from Generation Y who come from families that are separated or divorced. It may be their way of wanting to be sure that they do not have to go through difficult situations in their own marriage.

Financial problems also seem to be a primary aspect of their decision to commit to each other and get married.

Disappeared is it “in ups and downs”. Young people want to develop and establish their professional careers before starting a family. Some people think that it is a selfish way of looking at things.

The truth is, though, that it’s a pretty sensible way to bring your future offspring into a growing, competing world , for children and their parents.

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What do the statistics tell us about Generation Y and marriage?

Basically, as the statistics tell us, published in The New York Timesyoung people are waiting longer to get married. In the United States, the average age at which to get married is 30 years for men and 28 years for women, in the year 2018.

Statistics also show us that the percentage of people who decide to get married has dropped among Generation Y teens by almost 25% since the 1970s.

Unlike what used to happen decades ago,  young couples spend more time grounding their relationships. They often decide to live together for some time before getting married.

Statistics also reveal that most people who earn less than $200,000 a year consider their financial situation to be the one that delays them the most when considering the decision to commit emotionally to someone.

Things are better than they might seem

Although the statistics could be considered disappointing, we need to take a closer look at them. Upon closer inspection, they show us that these major changes  create a sense of responsibility in the relationship between young people from generation Y and marriage. 

According to the researcher, Stephanie Coontz, 80% of them will have been married when the young people from generation Y reach the middle of life. These are about the same divr, as 50 years ago. However, as we have already mentioned, it is the age at which people decide to get married that has changed.

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Women from generation Y and marriage

One of the factors that seems to influence the decision about marriage, to a large extent,  is the changing role of women in recent decades. Unlike their mothers and grandmothers, this generation of young women has not been brought up to get married.

For the first time in history, women have changed the idea that marriage is their primary purpose in life. Instead, they seek a better quality in marriage. When they decide to take that step, they are looking for a partner who can guarantee them a happier and longer lasting marriage.

This research also sheds light on the fact that  marriage has in part ceased to be the only way that society defines it as a serious relationship. 

Better marriages

For those who are quick to criticize, there are some interesting statistics. The marriages between people from generation Y seem to be better, even if they marry to a lesser extent. The divorce rate has actually fallen by 18% between 2008 and 2016.

These data come from another study conducted by Phillip Cohen of the University of Maryland. The author of the study concluded that people from generation Y are adopting an increasingly selective approach to marriage.

Their goal is to distinguish between romantic relationships and marriage, which is not always the same. They seek greater stability in their partners, long-term relationships, a more rewarding life experience and financial, interdependence.

We are facing many cultural and social changes. Marriage does not lose value among young people. However, it is considered and appreciated in a different way. 

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