Healthy Friendships: Ties That Help You Grow

It’s amazing what healthy friendships can do for you. For example, they promote healthy aging.
Healthy friendships: Ties that help you grow

There are friendships you return to once in a while. Likewise, there are others who quit due to difficult circumstances or lack of time. Other friendships help you grow because they give you strength, support and assistance. These are healthy friendships.

The people who form healthy friendships give you their love, respect and trust. In this article, we will take a closer look at them.

Characteristics of healthy friendships

Healthy friendships help you grow and motivate you to develop, and they are always there for you.

  • Honesty. Healthy friendships are honest. In other words, they are sincere, respectful, and just.
  • Determination. Communicating what you want to say in the best possible way is also an important characteristic of this type of friendship as it favors the well-being of all parties.
  • There are limits. People in healthy friendships can say no as they do not live under a cloud of complacency. Instead, they act on the basis of what is fair to all parties.
  • They create trust. Trust in another human being is important in this type of relationship. Creating security in a relationship and eradicating all fears and prejudices are some of the priorities.
  • As you can see,  healthy friendships are authentic. They allow you to show yourself who you are. When you quarrel or disagree, friendship becomes more important than trying to convince the other of your opinion.
Healthy friendships are illustrated by girlfriends hugging at the café

How to build these friendships

Healthy friendships are the result of a combination of effort, values ​​and abilities:

  • Accept. Accepting another person and yourself is the foundation of sincerity. Along with respect and tolerance, it builds healthy friendships.
  • Optimism. It is fundamental to good friendships not to focus on apologies and judgments. It will help build a positive perspective.
  • Definite communication. Whether it is agreed or not, communicating as effectively as possible is the key to building good relationships with other people. That way, the other person can understand your opinion, thus avoiding any misunderstanding.
  • Respect. It’s all about knowing how far you have come and understanding how far the other person has come.
  • Say goodbye to the competition. It does not matter who achieves the most or who achieves his goal first. It is instead about  growing, evolving and transforming  because life is not a race but an adventure.
  • Dealing with emotions. Being able to deal with his emotions helps you become more assertive. At the same time, it increases the understanding of your actions and behaviors, as well as the actions and behaviors of others. It can all be helpful to build healthy friendships.

In addition to all these characteristics, we must not forget the most important thing: to know yourself. Self-awareness helps you become a better person.

What are the benefits of healthy friendships?

There are many benefits to creating healthy bonds. Healthy friendships:

  • Creates joy.
  • Increases your affiliation.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Increases your self-confidence.
  • Breeds sincerity.
  • Leads to optimism.
Girlfriends form heart with hands and illustrate healthy friendships

It’s amazing what healthy friendships can do for you. For example, they promote healthy aging. This is what Otero Puime, Zunzunegui Pastor, Francois, Rodríguez Laso, García de Yébenes and Prous have said in their article for the BBVA Foundation. They have also said that psychosocial networks play an important role in healthy aging.

In particular, they demonstrated the benefits of having intimate friends as well as playing an active role in healthy friendships. Therefore, good friendships lead to better quality of life, especially in older people.

Another important aspect of this type of friendship is that it helps people deal with fear and anxiety. They help people overcome obstacles through support, while providing increased well-being.

It’s great to see how you can grow with friends who support you and help you become better people. Therefore, you need to keep appreciating them. Appreciate the time they spend with you and the love they share with you.

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