How Can We Deal With Despair?

Despair is always an illusion. But it will disappear if we are brave, face fear, and have confidence in acknowledging our anxiety.
How can we deal with despair?

How can we define despair? We can say that you no longer have any hope, you feel an inner emptiness, you think that there is no more left. You feel like a desert and everything you do is in vain. How can we manage that we lack the strength to move forward? How can we deal with despair?

When this feeling strikes us, when doubt arises, then why should we keep making an effort? Why get up every day? People who get this feeling feel that they can not fit their work. They cannot see themselves through the day and meet their obligations. Perhaps the best solution is to give up and stop the suffering.

Thus, despair can become one of our worst enemies because it blinds us and removes our strength and desires. We are not allowed to see what is on the other side of the dark shadows.

It whispers in our ears that nothing will happen. Nothing can get better, everything is over and we have to adjust to living like this. With this in mind, how can we then deal with despair?

Despair must be fought with patience; with a little bit of work, but with great energy, with small steps, with small advances. With good people who help us up the hole and make us see that there is still a wonderful world out there that is worth fighting for and living for.

Despair, our own worst enemy

When despair strikes us, the worst thing we can do is be kind to our unwelcome guest. It slipped in, but from there and then to get it fixed, one has to be smart and get it kicked out as quickly as possible. Despair is wise and knows our fear and attacks it by nurturing it. That is why we must learn to manage our fear so that despair cannot find nourishment in it and will end up going away.

In that regard, an emotional toolbox can really help us deal with despair. There are a number of tools available. Some of them can cut the negative circles out of the mind. Others can make us socially and intellectually resilient so we can choose a strategy to deal with despair.

Maybe we are not able to look ahead right now: When we are in a darkness, it is difficult to see light on the other side. But let us not forget that we ourselves can become a very powerful source of light. If we can find the button that turns it on. Despair always bypasses the people who devote resources to organizing their thoughts.

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Our best weapon to deal with despair is our will to live

This is the most important thing: You are more than you are in the current situation. You have been through hard times and you have managed to get through them. You are able to achieve very valuable goals. Most of all, you have faith – do not forget it.

Our brain works with what is happening to us, but at the same time it is working with what it thinks will happen. We are more than just what we think. We are more than we are able to imagine.

In the past we have been through difficult times, but we have overcome them. Therefore, we can now use those resources to make ourselves stronger. In the immediate future, we have the opportunity to continue living. For that future further out we can make plans. Dreams are very strong.

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This approach is simple and easy to follow, but it is also difficult to maintain because our fears and the time when happiness turned have turned our backs on us. But that does not make it worth giving up.

We must see despair as a possibility

We remind ourselves of the people who have not left our side even in the most difficult times, where we well know that we are not the most pleasant company to be with. If they believe in us, then why should we not give it another chance?

Let’s put it another way: Despair is always an illusion. An Impossibility: Where we are blind to all alternative avenues that can help us find a way out. But it will disappear if we are brave, face fear, and have confidence in acknowledging our anxiety.

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