I Can Not Forget My Feelings For You

I can not forget my feelings for you

They say that it is only those things that touch something in us and provoke a chill or a revolt of emotions within us that we never forget.  You felt me. You’re a bit like a  storm that found me and shook me. A storm that knew it brought with it the happiest moments that no one has given me so far.

Now that time is over and I’m probably starting to forget. Forget who you were, how I was with you, and how we felt when we were together. In fact, the most logical thing would be that it ended up being yet another experience and a path to learning. But there is something that remains that I will forever take with me: the heat when it was cold, the cold when I lacked warmth, and my feelings every time you touched my heart. 

Errors are wiped away, chills define us

To think of ourselves is to think of time and space: what were we? What are we? What will we become? And it seems that memories are the only answers we have. Memory is first and foremost an oversight. It is something that Benedetti knew how to express correctly.

We are what we remember, and we remember the things that have shaken every part of our body, even the places that cannot be seen. The rest of the events that we have been through together are lost and unclear in our minds in such a way that sometimes we do not even know what really happened. We only retain a memory of what we felt.

The mistakes that we made one day, or that some made against us, disappear one day. The only thing that remains is the chill, the scar from the thing that once made us what we are today.  We are identified by the pile of broken mirrors that make us who we are. And also the small doses of happiness that make us know that we are truly alive.

You’re just a feeling from the past

 We can not completely get rid of the past. This is why  people like you, who were once my present and now are not, remain in my life in the form of memories.  Those that are no longer real or tangible, but exist through an emotion.

If it was able to upset your stomach, then you will not be able to forget the impression you got at that moment.  They may have hurt you, that’s true, just like they hurt me. But everything that hurts one has once caressed one. And that pain and those tears may go away, but the caresses continue. They will always be there with you. 

I thank you for the pain you inflicted on me

The heart sometimes cries so much that it seems as if it will never forget how lost it feels. But it can be smarter than we think if we just let it be. The heart is able to eliminate the bad memories and overcome them, keep the good ones and deal with the past. 

When I say that the heart is able to eliminate, I do not mean that the nuances do not remain. That is, when the pain no longer hurts, then we know that we have accepted it and that we have learned to live with it.  In this way, there will come a day when we will be grateful to have fallen. Since that’s the only way we could have learned to get up again and keep appreciating standing upright.

There is no need to relive situations in our head, over and over again. The only way to look ahead to the future is to go beyond all events. We need to reach the emotions and get to know ourselves from every perspective that life puts before us. 

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