I Have All The Dreams Of The World In Me

I have all the dreams of the world in me

I have all the dreams of the world in me. The dreams one fights for can come true. But it may not happen in the way one has imagined. For the world is full of endless possibilities. And while those opportunities may surprise you if you do not give up, they can lead you toward what you have fought so hard for.

It may sound a little too imaginative to you. Maybe you are one of those people who thinks that not everything comes true because not everything can be done. Well, without losing touch with reality, I hope that if you continue reading, then you will change your mind. Just believe that opportunities are sometimes disguised in different ways. Therefore, some of them pass a little unnoticed. 

I invite you to think about your own dreams while reading this article. You may discover a new way to achieve them. You never know. But in any case, life has various surprises in store for you. And you are not even aware of it. Now you need to open your eyes and your mind to understand what you are going to read. 

Woman with house and forest on her head symbolizes her dreams

Round ideas do not fit into square minds

Round ideas do not fit into “square minds,” because in those with square minds there is only one way of thinking. It is these people who say you should stop dreaming. These are the ones who keep repeating that you have to put your feet down on the ground. For there is a long way between what one longs for and what is possible.

Do you think that dreams of flying seem like an impossible fantasy? That’s it, if you’re convinced of it. That’s it, if you just sit and wait for the wings to grow out of your back so you can fly away. But if you do not listen to the square mind and decide to fight for your dreams, then you can prove it wrong. 

Man has dreamed of flying from the first moment we saw a bird. Many gave up when they realized that wings did not grow on humans. But there was one person who did not let that dream remain in the back of his mind. And he actually managed to lift his feet off the ground. That person was Leonardo Da Vinci. He decided to see the possibilities in his pursuits and built a pair of wings that he could fly with.

This example may sound simple to your ears, but in his time he was considered crazy. This also happened to those who wanted to go on the water until someone made it possible by inventing the first boat. History has proven that many projects that were considered crazy by square minds have not only been realized. They also changed the world as we knew it. 

Man stands on ladder to reach star as symbol of dreams

If you can dream about it, you can do it

If you can dream about it, you can do it. But you will have to fight hard for it. You may be surrounded by square minds, vampires who suck all hope, and monsters who kill other people’s dreams. But it is you who must fight for your dreams. No one will give anything to you for free in a world full of square minds. 

But what are your dreams? Are you really fighting for them? Often one dreams of being rich while waiting to win the lottery by sitting on the couch. Well, no one has said that your dreams would come true if you just sat and waited. 

For example, if you have a dream of being rich, then you need to define what it means to you. Is it to have so much money that you do not know what to put up with them? Is it to have enough money for you and your family to live well? Or is it just having enough money to be happy? But  what does it mean to be happy?

What do you really dream about?

Maybe you never stopped to consider these issues. Maybe getting rich is a part of your dreams because it is a part of almost everyone else’s dreams. But almost everyone also considers these dreams to be fantasies. And the reason for that is that they have not really considered the possibility of achieving them. Not even the opportunity to just get near them. Their dreams are not real and therefore the opportunity to get rich will remain in a dream world for them.

But I tell you now and also repeat to myself that if you can dream about it, then you can achieve it. But you can only do that if you make it clear what your dreams are. They must be yours and you must have the courage to fight for them.

Light bulb and colors show dreams and ideas

If you fight for your dreams, you will make them come true

So gather strength, and never stop dreaming. If you fight for your dreams, then you will make them come true. It may take some time and you may not see the results right away. But life is not a dance on roses, so keep fighting. Maybe it’s not happening exactly the way you had imagined. But what you had not imagined is that it will make you the happiest person in the world in the future. 

Open your eyes and your mind, do not reject what you can not see right now. Reality always surpasses the imagination, thanks to those who can fight and dream of something better. Never stop dreaming. And do not accept those who tell you that reality cannot be changed.

That is why I have all the dreams of the world in me. That way, I can choose the ones I want to fight for without preventing myself from seeing other things that might lead me to the thing I want most. Happiness. Giving in to those who are not struggling and can not think outside the box does not help. Nor does it just wait without exerting itself. Only the person who risks it all can win. And only the person who is struggling can achieve the one thing that for a while is written in the dreams. 

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