If You Think Like Everyone Else, You Do Not Think

If you think like everyone else, you do not think

If you think like everyone else, then you do not think. Keep this in mind as you read this story:

In a town in the middle of the country  , a group of people had fun with the village toss.  A poor, unhappy, unintelligent person, who earned for the day with small jobs  and alms. 

Every day some men would ask him to come into the bar where they would meet. They made him choose between two coins. A very large coin, which was worth 400 reals, and another, smaller coin, which was worth 2000 reals. 

He always chose the largest, less valuable coin.  It always made everyone laugh. 

One day he was called aside by another who had seen this little play and the laughter the others got at his expense. This person asked him  if he still did not understand that the largest coin was the least valuable.  The man replied: I know that, I’m not that stupid. I know it’s worth five times less than the other. But the day I pick the other coin, the game ends and I do not get any coins from them again. 

The story could have ended here  as a simple joke. But several conclusions can be drawn from it:

First: Someone who seems stupid is not always stupid.

Second: Who were the real village lunatics in history?

Third: Exaggerated ambitions can diminish your income.

Other’s opinion

We do not need others to form an opinion about us for every step we take in life. We do not need it and we should not expect it. The important thing is that we are happy with and like who we are.

It is wrong that we look for and label others and their behavior. We are all more than a label and much more than what others think. Among other things, we should fight a little with ourselves until we get the ability to feel comfortable in our own body. Until we are adapting to not knowing what others think of us.

The most unhappy people in this world are those who worry too much about what others think of them.


People want to think what they want to think. It does not matter if you are always looking for the right words. Whether you are careful with the movements you make, right down to the last detail: there will always be someone who distorts it. In the end, when you think about and remember your life, little or nothing will be based on the opinions of others about you. Do what you feel like, not what you think others will like.

How you see yourself is what really matters. Remain true to yourself; state yourself by how you feel. Not according to how others want you to be or what they think of you. In the end, you are a unique and indispensable person. It is you and only you who have to ” hold out”  minute after minute.

If you think like everyone else, you do not think. And if you do not think, then you do not live fully.

It is said that to be intelligent is not to know where to go. It is closer to knowing where not to go back to and what it is that one should not allow. An intelligent person knows that everyone has the right to think as they please. But it is also very important that they know when to take something personal and when not to. Moreover, it is to be unique and to appreciate the opinions of others, expressed in our actions and words. It gives us the benefit of being able to create situations that are not hurtful to us and or to others.

Set aside your uncertainties. Speak and live your truth. Do not let others interfere in your life in general, not even in your daily routine. 

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