Is It Possible For A Human Being To Live Without Fear?

Fear is a basic human emotion that protects you from dangers. Unfortunately, it is also a feeling that likes to take power.
Is it possible for a human being to live without fear?

Fear can come in many different forms. But what we, in fact, deep down are afraid of is suffering. The problem arises when the fear becomes disabling. If you want to live without fear, read more about it here!

You probably wished it was possible to live without fear. But fear is a basic human emotion that protects you from dangers. Unfortunately, it is also a feeling that likes to take power. This can sometimes make it difficult to determine if something is a real danger or if it just feels that way.

It is at such times that fear loses its adaptive function. Some of what we humans fear most is the unknown. The reason this is so universal is that uncertainty often prevents us from choosing a particular path.

There are many kinds of fears that you may not even be aware of, such as the fear of failing, of being vulnerable, of rejection, and of “what people will think.”

Then there are the bigger things, like the fear of getting sick, of dying, of having someone you love die, of getting older, and of being alone. Basically, we are all afraid to suffer. But sometimes fear can prevent us from flourishing.

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Recognizing the fear that is holding you back

Think about all the things you fear and try to figure out what form they are taking. The thoughts, feelings, and physical effects they bring about are a combination that very few people think about. Although it may seem like different things, they live off each other, for better or worse.

In the same way that the feeling of fear affects your thoughts and your body,  in the same way you can reverse that process, and use your thoughts and your body to relieve your fears. Fear lives its own life. It is fast, short-lived, breathless and constant. So by changing your breathing, you can actually get easier by relaxing.

The story behind your fears

You have to face your fears. The best method is to find out what exactly it is that triggers your fears at any given time. A good strategy is to write down your fears, and also like the possible causes. The very act of writing can put you in order in the mental chaos associated with feeling fear.

In some cases, a very specific fear is just a sign that you need better tools and resources. If you avoid it paralyzing you, and instead try to concentrate, and analyze it, you can find a lot of important knowledge about yourself. It can also give you some ideas on what you can do.

Tips for living without fear

It is good to  learn to trust yourself and feel that you have all the necessary resources to solve any problem that may arise. You can not control everything, so it is very beneficial to learn to accept this.

Just think about how you have had adversity before, and have come through it. It makes you stronger than you were before. But if you still sense that here is a way you can still grow, then just give it a try.

Stop being afraid of failing. Failing is just a stupid saying for something that just didn’t work out, and it can actually give you the tools you need for future success. Life is not just about winning every time, it is also about gaining experience, experiencing new things, and learning to overcome downturns and adversity.

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If you want to live without fear, do not cling to security

If you decide to cling to security, you will be trapped by your own fears. You are just limiting your own potential. If your fear of failing, looking stupid, or getting hurt prevents you from taking the plunge, then let fear and anxiety take control of your life.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Boring experiences are inscribed in your brain, but that does not mean you have not had any good experiences! When you forget the good sides, it’s just another way to prevent yourself from living without fear.

We would suggest that you read about other people’s lives. This can help you realize that success almost always follows failures and failed attempts. Believe that you can learn from your mistakes. Allow yourself to fool you. That way, you can learn to live without fear.

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