It Is Crucial For Persistence To Know His Motive

Without persistence, your ability to grow and develop as a person will be truly limited. This affects any success, wealth and joy you may have. 
It is crucial for persistence to know its motive

No matter who you are, there are times when things do not go as expected, where everything is against you and you will fail. In these moments, when you feel like giving up, your perseverance and knowing your motives will get you through it all. 

Persistence is an important trait because it is linked to your own personal development. You can get better after each defeat if you are willing to learn from it and move forward. It’s about having the determination to keep going and not give up.

Without persistence, your ability to grow and develop as a person will be truly limited. This affects every success, wealth and joy you get.

Many people believe that success comes only from those who are naturally talented, or simply because they have studied. Without perseverance, your talent or your studies will not get you far. It’s not about your abilities. It’s about how you apply these skills. Results are the only thing that matters.

Persistence determines the path to defeat or success

The importance of perseverance to achieve success

Former Navy SEAL, Alden Mills, tells in his book,

This book tells the story of a young and inexperienced boat captain who meets an older and more experienced captain who trains him.

In his book, Mills presents eight essential actions to overcome bad habits, achieve his goals, and be successful.

1. To understand its motive

Mill’s goal was to overcome asthma, become a Navy SEAL and found a company.

Knowing your motive will keep you on track, even when people tell you to drop it.

2. 3D planning

Not having a plan is planning a defeat, Mills says. Planning is about getting ready. The more ready you are, the more successful you can become. For Mills, every plan must be in 3D.

It’s not about creating the perfect plan. It’s about designing a plan that will lead you to success. No matter how many obstacles are in your way. The 3 dimensions are:

  • Define your plan: Understand your goal and what and why you expect to achieve it.
  • Divide your plan:  Create an action plan, divided into small steps that can get you closer to your goal every day.
  • Develop your plan every day:  Every morning, ask yourself what you can do today to get closer to your goal.

3. Training to achieve perseverance

For Mills,  training is the best way to achieve success and achieve your goals. 30 minutes of exercise a day can be your secret weapon, according to Mills. While it’s not just about training, it’s an important thing. Mills says his success started with training, hence the importance he attaches to it.

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4. Identify your reasons for believing

There are moments when you have to give everything you have, no matter how great the pain or suffering is. It will be useful to know your motive. Everything you’ve ever done has got you here. And, when you finally get what you have always wanted, your life will change forever because you have learned to believe in yourself.

Knowing your motivation is an essential part of achieving your goals, Mills says. To be successful, it will help you know your motive. Identifying a reason to have confidence will give you strength through hard times. It will even inspire others to join you.

5. Review your habits

Everyone can control their habits, Mills says. Changing bad habits is as simple as identifying the ones you want to change and working toward it. After all, according to Mills, the process of creating good habits is no different from the process of creating bad ones.

To develop habits that help you reach your goals, Mills suggests focusing on three aspects:

  • Awareness:  Be consciously aware of the habits that are holding you back.
  • Concentration:  Concentrate on the actions you need to change.
  • Control:  Once you have assessed the actions you need to change, take control of the situation.

6. Improviser

Sometimes, your plan will not be enough and you will have to improvise. However, improvisation is not as easy as it seems. In fact, Mills argues that you need to practice improvising. In fact, he says, the ability to improvise is not something you were born with. It’s an attitude you can develop for yourself.

Improvisation is not a natural answer. When faced with an obstacle, your instinct will tell you to stop and accept your limitations, which stops the process. For Mills,  improvisation means accepting defeat and doing things differently. 

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7. Get technical advice

When Mills proposes technical advice, it’s about benefiting from the experiences and knowledge of those who have gone through a similar process or specialists in the field. It can help you achieve success faster. 

Sometimes, a little advice may be enough. Other times, you will have to pay for a service or read a specialized book. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, so do not be ashamed of it.

8. Assemble a team to achieve perseverance

It’s all about humility. Mills suggests creating a team where people are good at areas you are not.

A teammate is not just a contribution to your work. It’s one that can help you out of the mud. Even if you are both stuck, two heads are better than one.

Finally, the path to success starts by knowing your motive This knowledge will keep you running. When in doubt, remember your motive. As Lao Tse said, persistence is the basis of all actions. Do not forget why you are trying to get something. That way, you will always have the perseverance to get it.

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