Learn All About The Theory Of The Wave Effect Of Your Deeds

Learn all about the theory of the wave effect of your deeds

Maybe you’re one of those people who does not support injustice but thinks you can do nothing about it. If so, then you should know the theory of the wave effect. After reading this, you will understand the enormous power you have to change things.

It is important to understand  that if you want to improve things, it is an action that begins with yourself. You can not love life if you are not happy. You cannot love others if you do not love yourself.

Start with yourself and experience the wave effect

Like we said,  the first step is to change yourself. How can you ask someone not to speak ill of you if you speak ill of others. How can you wish that others value you if you do not value yourself?

Man stands by the road and has to choose

Take a moment to reflect and have an intimate moment with yourself. Listen to yourself. Look at your deepest feelings. Ask yourself how you feel and how you would like to feel. Face your problems, confront them and fix everything that is ruined in your life.

Once you have started a conversation with yourself,  reflect on who you are. What do you want to do? What are your goals? Take off all the masks that you put on to satisfy yourself. Kick the false modesty in the ditch and see yourself as you are. But do not stop there. Cleanse yourself of the things you do not like. Free yourself from anything that is not good or hurts you. Start becoming the person you have always dreamed of.

Throw the first stone

After getting to know yourself and taking the first step to change your life,  you are ready to throw the first stone. That action will create the wave effect. What does it mean? Everything you do will have an effect on everyone and everything around you.

If you commit to changing your behavior, you will notice things you never noticed before. For example, you can commit not to complain because it is useless. Show more care for yourself and others. Or just be yourself. The effects of your new attitude will also be minimal in the beginning. As time goes on and you make more changes, however, you will see how the effects grow in size and significance.

Let the wave effect work

So  once you have thrown the first stone into the water, you let the wave effect work. You let the stone form small waves and ring in the water. As we said, the first ones will be small and short-lived, but they will also help change others.

The second step is to see yourself as a happy person in the middle of the waves, right where the stone fell. You are the beginning of your happiness. You are a brave person who has chosen a difficult path.

A drop of water creates rings in the water

Think about the waves that you cause every time you touch the water. The love you have inside does not just spread on the surface. It can also be felt in the deeper parts of the lake, the river or even the puddle where the rock fell.

Each and every one of the waves represents your passion in life. They are your courage to make your dreams come true. They are your kindness to others and your need to help those who do not have much. You transfer all this energy to others. Somehow it has an effect on them.

The wave effect

If you persistently cause waves in the water, you will see how it affects others around you as each day goes on. You will gradually see the effect you have on them. Maybe you want to give them hope, joy, confidence or enthusiasm. It all depends on the connection.

You will even begin to see how  the people who are affected by you throw their own stones and create the wave effect  that reaches their loved ones.

Do you still think you can do nothing to change injustice? Start with yourself. Let your positive attitude and goodness fill the world. This allows the waves to form, which will make it a better place, one wave at a time.

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