Real Failure Is When You Stop Trying

Real failure is when you stop trying

Fear of failure is very common. It is a pattern of thoughts that limits our abilities. It paralyzes us and keeps us from embarking on interesting projects that we think are out of our reach.

But  real failure is when you stop trying to do something because of the fear of failing.  Letting ourselves make mistakes is the essence of learning, in every aspect of life.

“Every mistake a man learns something if he wants to learn; and you are too sensitive a man not to learn from this mistake. ”

-Charles Dickens-

For the first few months of our lives  , we do nothing but try to deal with every step we take. We fall and get up again and again. We try, explore and discover everything that is around us.

We would not have learned to walk if we were not brave enough to fall.  The same thing happens to us every time we learn something new. We have to make an effort and go through many failed attempts to get it into our repertoire of learning.

To see the bumps in the road in the eyes

The bumps in the road we all face have a huge value,  both for our personal development and for understanding and finding the courage to exert ourselves.

Thanks to the problems that present themselves to us,  we gain new abilities. They help us overcome any challenge we encounter.

These obstacles can be thoughts, fears, circumstances, etc.  What is important is to address these issues. One must recognize why they are there, what role they play for us, and what we can learn from them.

Sometimes we have to learn to stop at the rocks on our way to achieve balance. We can learn something valuable if we are aware of the things we avoid, the  things we refuse to face, that we throw away automatically because we do not think we can achieve them.

If we find ourselves in a situation that we handle awkwardly, we will subconsciously do whatever it takes to avoid the situation. Also even if it would be beneficial to face it, even if it would be the first step towards achieving our dreams.

Triumph is for those who are brave enough to try

It is easy and comfortable to keep thinking that we can not get something we want. One thinks that it is out of our reach or that it requires too much effort. But not trying is the true failure.

“The harder the conflict, the more amazing the triumph.”

-Thomas Paine-

True victorious people are those who do not stop,  who do not become paralyzed, who do not complain about the effort it takes. They keep chasing their goals step by step until they achieve what they want.

They are the people who see  mistakes as something necessary, as an opportunity to learn and improve themselves. They are the people who ask every day if they are where they want to be. They do what they really love and what they are really passionate about.

True triumph is having the courage to try; those who have this attitude keep coming forward, taking different paths until they reach personal success.

Success is for those who understand failure

It takes a great deal of personal maturity to understand that frustration is part of the way. Because if you do not achieve what you tried, it is often an opportunity to change your point of view.

Mistakes are not so frustrating when you have a clear conscience when you know you have tried as best you could. There is nothing to feel guilty about, and nothing to be afraid of  when you do not achieve anything, as long as you have put a lot of effort into trying.

When we are able to understand errors, we will get closer to our true nature. What is truly important and valuable is not associated with success  or recognition from others. It resides more in what we learn about ourselves in the process.

Dare to try to achieve what you want. Maybe you will not achieve it, but you will not be sorry that you have tried. And along the way you will find an enriched world of possibilities.

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