Seven Amazing Quotes By Albert Camus

Although Albert Camus had a difficult childhood, he accomplished much in his life.
Seven Amazing Quotes By Albert Camus

Most quotes by Albert Camus reveal his rebellious nature. This Frenchman, born in 1913, was one of the most acclaimed writers, journalists and philosophers of the 20th century.

He lost his father in the war before his one year birthday. He grew up in poverty and was only able to study thanks to a scholarship given to children of deceased veterans of the war. Despite his difficult upbringing , he won the Nobel Prize in Literature on his 44th birthday.

He was under the strong influence of Arthur Schoppenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche. But Camus defined himself as an anarchist. His work was centered on the absurdity of our existence.

Here you can experience seven of his best quotes!

Quotes by Albert Camus about loving and being loved

This is one of the most famous quotes by Albert Camus of all time: “He who gives nothing has nothing. The greatest misfortune is not to be unloved, but not to love. ”

A pair of paper clips hold in hand

In this quote, he emphasizes that love is an active act. Camus was a fan of freedom and autonomy. Therefore, it was not surprising what he thought about love. He always asserted the importance of being a subject rather than being an object of emotion.

To walk next to each other

This quote is about friendship. It also reflects his rejection of hierarchies. Albert Camus was an independent on the left who always condemned the various forms of power.

Thoughts of success

Camus did not talk much about success because he considered it a bit “absurd “. Here we will show you one of his quotes about success:

In this quote, he goes against the prevailing view of success as a great victory. He rather considers it to be something ethical one deserved.

Man with wreath

In the middle of winter

Albert Camus had a harsh childhood especially thanks to the poverty under which he grew up. But thanks to his professor, Louis Germain, he became aware of the wonderful world that lay in literature. He felt so grateful for this that he dedicated part of his speech of thanks at the presentation of the Nobel Prize to Germain.

The next quote talks about the willingness to overcome adversity. It reads as follows:

To be normal

A lot of Albert Camus’ quotes are ironic and funny. Does this make him appear a less intellectual and less profound human being? No, absolutely not. But they show that he was a genius who under no circumstances lost his humility. The quote that best describes this is:

Quotes by Albert Camus on the real meaning of life

As we mentioned earlier, Albert Camus often wrote about the absurdity of existence. He could not fully understand the way some people chose to live their lives. He felt as if everyone was desperate to find the real meaning of life, without realizing that their life was disappearing from their hands while doing this.

Painting of woman showing suffering, as described in quotes by Albert Camus

The following quote expresses a very true paradox:

Quotes by Albert Camus about experiencing the darkness

Thanks to his upbringing, Camus had to grow up fast. It is something that has many disadvantages, but it also has its advantages. He discovered that everything he had experienced in his life made him who he was in the present moment.

In this quote, he expresses the difficult times that can lead to personal growth.

Albert Camus expressed human reality in a way that people will forever admire. His works are elegant, creative, raw and will never go out of fashion.

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