Sometimes You Have To Be Your Own Hero

Sometimes you have to be your own hero

One day it will be your turn to be your own hero. You will have to tear off your clothes, put on your life jackets and save yourself. It will be an emergency and you have no choice but to be stronger than this danger.

It does not matter if it is the biggest earthquake in your life or if you feel like your emotions are running around in a maelstrom. Sooner or later, the time will come when you have to show your claws and fight hard.

Maybe there is someone holding your hand with all the love that exists in the world. But at the same time, you will realize that your hand is the only thing that can pull you up from the well you have fallen into. You cannot see the light until you lay down your demons yourself. At some point, it will be your turn to see yourself as you never wanted, in a place you never wanted to be. And in the end, you will overcome it.

You have a heart to defend

You might think you have the most robust, solid armor available. You probably do not even think it would be possible to have a storm inside your soul because you have built a high wall around it. It has happened to all of us. We believe we are stronger the more we have been hurt.

But you are wrong. Deep down, you have a heart that is not immune to danger. Even when you take all the precautions you can imagine. You have a heart that you must defend as a hero, no matter what happens or how old you are. The heart deserves it more than anything else because it makes your existence meaningful.

That heart is an extraordinary achievement and the person who owns it should appreciate it. Your heart bears your name and hopes that in the most terrible moments of its existence you do not turn your back  on it for anything or anyone.

You are your most important hero

There are many other hearts around you that need to be taken care of. Remember that it is good to help, to give advice and that it is very noble to fight for the well-being of others. However, there will be temporary stages where you are your most important hero and you will realize that you are committed to helping yourself, advising yourself and fighting for yourself.

You feel that you need empathy, compassion, trust and security. Then one notices that no one can give one these things better than oneself. One will have to wrap oneself in understanding, forget one’s own prejudices about oneself and deal with the challenge of getting rid of one’s nightmares.

Just as a brave hero would do, one must believe in perseverance and what drives one to deal with adversity in order to become a better person. And most importantly, there is enough room for bravery who can face fear and overcome it.

There is no other option but to resist

If you were exposed to a great danger you had never encountered before, what would you do? Yes, your survival instinct would make you hold your head high and be brave. That’s what overcoming means: not giving up without first trying.

There are no people who do not cry or experience pain. You get to know pain, but you do not want to give up. The pain that hurts you so much will go away and you will learn from it. In addition, on more than one occasion, one must do all that one has done out of caring for others, for oneself.

There will be no other option. One becomes confused, discouraged, and one will be immersed in chaos, which will cause one to panic. One’s world becomes unstable and one thinks that one cannot balance oneself again. One will look for ways to do this and one will be overwhelmed by doubt. This is the time when your hero – yourself – will show his strength and come to your rescue. You owe it to yourself to do that, don’t you?

Photos by Jimmy Liao, Kevin Peterson

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