The Deepest Wounds Are Not Made Of Sharp Knives

The deepest wounds are not made of sharp knives

The deepest wounds are not made of sharp knives. They are made of words, lies, absenteeism and falsehood. They are wounds that cannot be seen on the skin, but they hurt, they bleed because they are made of sad tears, the kind of tears that are shed privately and in silent bitterness…

The people who have been injured just float for a while, stay up. Later, when time has healed a few of the deepest wounds, the person discovers something. They notice that they have changed; they still feel vulnerable, and sometimes they make the worst mistake: they create an iron wall in self-defense. They build it up with nails of mistrust, the hammer of rage, and even thread of envy. Defense mechanisms are used to avoid getting hurt again.

That said, no one can live their entire lives in a defensive position. We cannot become permanent residents of our ports of loneliness, foreigners of happiness. Dealing with suffering is a rough and conscientious job that requires getting in touch with our own shadow to restore our self-esteem, as Jung would say.

Favoring this association again is something that no one can achieve themselves. It is an act of delicate loneliness that we will carry out almost as a rite of passage. Only those who manage to face the demon of their trauma with courage and determination will manage to get out of the forest of poisonous thorns. While it is also true that the person coming from the hostile scenario will never be the same again.

They are getting stronger.

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Care of a wounded mind

The care of the injured soul is balance. It is being able to take the step toward acceptance to release everything that weighs you down and hurts you. It changes the cracked, fragile skin to a harder and more beautiful variant that will line the tired heart so that it does not get cold. With that in mind, we must keep in mind that there are many underground roots that continue to nourish the root of your pain. Branches that nourish the deepest wounds, rather than heal them.

Hating our vulnerability, for example, is one of those nutrients. There are those who deny it and react to the apparent weakness. We live in a society that forbids us to be vulnerable.

But caring for the hurt mind accepts your most fragile parts by knowing that you are hurt but that you also deserve peace and happiness. The important thing is to love ourselves enough to accept the broken parts without hard feelings. Without becoming rejects of our own love and that of others.

Another root that nourishes our wounded minds and deepest wounds is the woodworm of wrath. Whether we believe it or not, this feeling tends to “poison” our brain to change our thinking. Prolonged anger affects our vision of life and people. No one can find any kind of care inside this personal cage.

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These deep and invisible wounds will live in the deepest part of our being forever. However, we have two options. The first is to be a prisoner of this pain until the bitter end. The second is to remove our armor to accept and feel our own vulnerability. Only in this way will strength, learning and the liberating step towards the future emerge.

We are all a little damaged, but we are brave

We all drag our broken parts with us. Our pieces lost from the puzzles that we never managed to complete. A traumatic childhood, a painful relationship, losing a loved one… Day by day we go from one to the other without noticing the invisible wounds. The personal struggles that each of us has gone through shape those we are today. Going through this with courage and dignity makes us more virtuous. It makes us much more beautiful beings.

We must be able to find ourselves again. The broken corners and deepest wounds within us push us completely away from the inner skeleton where our identity was maintained. Our value, our self-concept. We are like gross souls who do not recognize each other in the mirror or convince them that they no longer deserve to love or be loved again.

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Heal your deepest wounds with courage

There is an expression in Japanese, “Arigato zaishö” , which literally translates as “ thank you illusion. “But for a very long time, it has taken on another really interesting significance in the field of personal growth. It shows us the subtle ability people have to turn suffering, hard feelings and bitterness into a lesson.

Let us open our eyes from within to find new hope. Because we focus on the torture that these wounds create, we push ourselves away from the opportunity to acquire knowledge and perspective.

To achieve this , we must prevent our emotions from becoming the hammer that repeatedly spends time on the same nails.  Little by little, the hole gets bigger.

Stopping the recurring thoughts of anxiety, hard feelings or guilt is without a doubt the first step. It is also good to focus all our attention on tomorrow.

When we find ourselves in the dark bedroom where our only company is bitterness and our hard feelings, our future perspectives burn out, they cease to exist. We have to get used to the light, little by little. To the light of day, to find new hope, new projects to complete.

It is possible for us to be “buried” throughout our lives by the veil of pain created by the invisible wounds. Nevertheless, we should keep in mind that we are seeds. We are still able to germinate and grow in the most unfavorable situations to shout with full force: “Arigato zaishö.”

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