The Effect Of Feeling Good Must Not Be Underestimated

By feeling capable and believing in it, we also become better at being flexible and adapting to new circumstances. It allows us to change course if we have taken a wrong one first.
The impact of feeling capable must not be underestimated

Do you feel that you are able to live up to all the requirements for yourself? Maybe you have decided to make your own company or learn a new language? You may be in doubt about your ability to achieve these things. If you have a doubt about it, it can be an indicator that you do not manage to feel capable.

If you have this problem, it will be harder for you to achieve what you truly dream of.

An excellent example of the concept of feeling good we got from Obama’s speeches during the US presidential campaign. We’re talking about his famous slogan “ Yes, we can”. It is a positive and motivating message.

If we turn it into a mantra, we can see that it is possible to achieve our goals, no matter how impossible they may seem. All we have to do is believe that we are capable. This means that we must trust our abilities and know that we can successfully take up the challenge.

It can affect one’s behavior to feel capable

The psychologist, Albert Bandura, was very interested in this concept. This psychologist developed a theory in which he claimed that there are certain variables in a person that influence this behavior.

These variables are also associated with a sense of feeling capable. One of them is about the extent to which we as humans believe in our abilities and the belief that we can reach a goal.

But faith is not always enough to feel capable. For that reason, we will look at three important aspects that can help you increase your sense of competence. By dedicating enough time to each of them, we can achieve the things we want to achieve.

You have to be realistic to be able to feel capable

It is impossible for everything in our lives to be perfect or just about anything. There are also many things that we have to work hard to be able to. But that does not mean that we can not reach our goal in most cases.

This means that we must find out what we need in order to continue. We can find new skills to invest our time in so we can reach even further towards our goals.

Therefore, we need to see ourselves with honest glasses. We need to know what is holding us back from reaching our goal. Is there anything that works against us that we can focus on? The most important thing is not to give up. First, we need to analyze, plan, and reflect. We can achieve most of our dreams with effort and enthusiasm.

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On the other hand, we need to evaluate and make sure that our goals are actually some that can be achieved. Once we have established that, we must remind ourselves that everything takes time. We are not becoming masters in an area we have just begun to learn in one night. But when we look back, we will be able to see how far we have come.

Slowly but surely

A fragile belief in our own ability can cause us to rush and flee forward in an impulsive attempt to achieve what we want to achieve. Experience is destined to come in the long run, not as something fast. Not knowing how to wait, and freaking out through things, will lead us directly to mistakes.

People seek the quick gratification so they can get something right away. It is rare to see a person wait months or years to get started.

Success is based on perseverance. Perseverance through work is better than sudden rapid changes. Thanks to perseverance, we can grow and increase faith in our own ability. It will be difficult to achieve its goals without it.

We must understand that success takes time

Let us imagine that we are part of a group of mountaineers. If we rush to get to the top, there will be no time to make strategies on how we should climb upwards. We may make mistakes because we did not make a plan. We can be affected by our inner zeal because it does not think we are moving fast enough.

It just wants us up on top at some speed. And to a certain point, we will block ourselves with doubt. It will make us ask ourselves whether we can now also achieve our goals. In this case, we do not place enough emphasis on our own ability. Therefore, it disappears little by little.

If we then started looking at where we should place our hands and feet and hold on, then little by little we would find out what works and especially what does not work. Our ascent will be slow, but sooner or later we will probably have to get to the top.

That way we learn and grow at the same time. We also gain a belief in ourselves and in our progress. We still risk falling down, but then we will no doubt get up and try again without hesitation. Our sense of our ability will have grown enormously with knubs and scratches.

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Our path gives us clues

The path we are working on gives us clues that can help us find the course. We just need to free ourselves from the rigidity and be open to new alternatives. That way we can act when an obstacle gets in our way.

If we focus on the obstacles and waste time trying to get them out of the way, we will never be able to see what lies ahead. By accepting that we will face challenges on our path, we are better equipped to cope. The fear of making mistakes can be what keeps us from moving forward.

We need to constantly improve. We also have to look around, because sometimes things do not go as planned. Do we really believe in ourselves and our ability? Perhaps the inner voice begins to play a trick on us and counteract us by sowing doubt.

By feeling capable and believing in it, we also become better at being flexible and adapting to new circumstances. It allows us to change course if we have taken a wrong one first. Ability allows us to see what is happening right in front of us and show us that we have great faith in ourselves.

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