The Link Between Social Class And Dehumanization

In short, for dehumanizers are the rich machines and the poor are animals. In this way, middle class groups maintain their status.
The link between social class and dehumanization

Inhumanization consists in denying that other people have human traits. In other words, to dehumanize is to regard someone as “an inferior person”. In general, people dehumanize members of certain groups. In this way, there is a connection between social class and dehumanization.

This means that they regard some people as “less human” because they are part of a particular group. This article discusses the connection between social class and dehumanization.

Although there are certain differences that “divide” people into different groups, one of the most important is social classes. Social classes are a kind of social stratification. Social classes are composed of people who have common social or economic characteristics.

In general, we can identify two social classes: rich and poor. Regardless of their own class, some people dehumanize one of these groups or even both of them.

Arrogant man mirrors himself in his own hand

What does dehumanization consist of?

Inhumanization consists in believing that someone is not “human enough”. However, there are different ways to dehumanize: Animal incarnation and mechanization.

According to Haslam’s dual model, there are two forms of dehumanization (when someone feels that another person lacks the typical human traits). Depending on what traits the person “lacks” according to the dehumanizer, it is called either animalization or mechanization.

On the one hand , animalization consists in denying that someone has traits that are purely human. These traits are the ones that set us apart from animals. For example, cognitive abilities, sophistication and being civilized.

On the other hand , mechanization denies the characteristic features of human nature that are not necessarily unique to other animals, such as having emotions or being kind.

Thus, groups that “do not have” the typical human traits are compared to animals, while those that “do not have” human traits are compared to inanimate objects such as robots.

Why is someone being dehumanized?

You may be asking yourself why someone is using dehumanization. There are three reasons why people dehumanize others.

First, the dehumanization of another group justifies violence against the group. When people think that members of a group are less human, it is easier for them to believe that they have rights over that member.

Thus, they justify the use of violence when this group behaves as they should not, in accordance with their expectations.

Second, dehumanization maintains the status quo. There are groups with higher status and others with lower status. If one group becomes dehumanized, it will have a lower status and the other will be superior.

Finally, dehumanization ignores ethics. We all have moral values ​​that govern our behavior, such as to judge murder as wrong. However, these values ​​only apply to humans.

So if someone does not regard a person as human, it is easier to use violence against that person, even if their values ​​say otherwise. Therefore, the Nazis believed that the Jewish people were “cockroaches”.

Poor people are often made more precious as an example of the connection between social class and dehumanization

The connection between social class and dehumanization

Classicism is the series of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that target people according to their social class / economic status. The goals are usually the rich or the poor.

In other words, classicism is prejudice against the rich and the poor. Inhumanization is a consequence of classicism.

Poor people tend to be made more expensive. Inhumanizers consider them as animals and not as humans. Some of the typical traits that dehumanizers say poor people do not have are politeness, reasoning, and sophistication. They are considered unable to overcome their precarious situation.

When it comes to the rich, they are not made precious. Instead, they mechanize them. It is not uncommon to think of the rich as uncivilized or unrefined. However, it is possible to deny their kindness and their ability to have emotions. Thus, the rich people consider cold and unable to feel empathy, just like machines.

In short, for dehumanizers are the rich machines and the poor are animals. In this way, middle class groups maintain their status. They treat the poor with contempt, like animals, and the rich with distance, fear, and respect, because they believe that people of higher status are capable of doing anything to get what they want.

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