To Disconnect Yourself From The World

As you begin to disconnect yourself from everything and begin to find a connection with your inner self, you become aware of the importance of self-knowledge.
To disconnect yourself from the world

Disconnecting yourself from the world is one of the keys to happiness. Life demands too much of us. Society does not want us to be good at what we do. It wants us to be the best. What we have determines who we are. If we have a lot of money, a big house, a nice car and a great body, we are much more worthy. Society has very high expectations.

That is why we have to flee from time to time. Fleeing for a while allows us to remove this weight from our shoulders, and slow down our pace. Nevertheless, the problem is that it can be hard to disconnect yourself from everything.

All the expectations of society are unrealistic and disproportionate. They are the result of an increasingly consumerism-oriented and selfish society, where the only thing that seems to matter is our ability to produce. If we produce more, we are worth more. In contrast, if we produce less, we are worth less. Simple as that.

Give me a moment

How many times have we told someone to give us a moment? Dozens, maybe hundreds of times! There are so many demands that we sometimes have to say “Now that’s enough!” And take a moment to breathe.

You have to disconnect yourself from everything. However, this can be very difficult. Your dad says something to you, then your mom, friends, colleagues, classmates and so on. The media is also constantly bombarding us with information.

man with clouds for face

Everything is information, and almost everything requires our attention. Do one. Do the second. Buy this mobile phone to be happy. Buy this perfume if you want to be attractive. Make this car feel important. If you are not number one, you are nothing.

TV commercials are always full of cozy homes. Similarly, people on TV shows have big houses, and are all really happy. Everything seems to be going well for them. Little by little we begin to believe in all this.

Social media is also full of false information. People only upload what they want you to see, the image they want to show you. These pictures are always as perfect as they can be. We end up believing that everyone lives an adventure life except ourselves.

Moreover, we compare ourselves with them and our self-esteem suffers from the comparisons. If you are not able to use social media in a healthy way, it may not be a bad idea to disconnect yourself for a while.

To disconnect yourself: Something that is necessary

Decoupling yourself from all these impressions is very necessary. What is even more important is that it is fundamental to a healthy mind. We need at least an hour a day for ourselves. During this time, we can relax ourselves, and not worry about anything. We can take this time for ourselves in the evening when we get home from work or in the afternoon.

Sit down on the couch or go for a walk. Focus on the present. Observe everything around you without judging anything. For example, if you go for a walk outside and see some cars, do not think about whether they are ugly or beautiful. If you see people, avoid thinking about whether they look good or not. You just have to observe them.

Why is it important not to judge? Judging things involves positive or negative assessments. These assessments produce emotional states that can vary in intensity. It is very important to maintain an emotional balance. But if you judge others, it will be very difficult for you to feel calm.

Our minds need rest. We are a raging sea with 30 feet high waves. We must instead learn to be a peaceful sea. If we have peace of mind, we can experience life differently. In addition, we are beginning to realize that these external demands are artificial.

Woman smells of sunflower and reflects the importance of unwinding yourself

Inside each and every one of us

Jon Kabat-Zinn tells us that we have negative thoughts that create our own suffering. When we take time to observe our inner self, we realize, as dr. Kabat-Zinn says we really have a lot of negative thoughts. We also realize that most of them stem from social demands that have no real meaning.

As you begin to disconnect yourself from everything and begin to find a connection with your inner self, you become aware of the importance of self-knowledge. You will realize that happiness does not exist in unrealistic goals and that it is actually something that exists within each and every one of us.

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