To Erase Your Mistakes Is To Erase Your Wisdom

To erase your mistakes is to erase your wisdom

Now you do it again:  worry and regret what happened or what you did.  The speech is always the same, lengthy and monotonous. You blame yourself for the mistakes you made or the decisions you did not make.

The image is constantly flying by. The words you said are in an echo that is never far behind you. Your emotions are a limiting prison… And meanwhile, the hours fly by without you noticing it…

“Maybe if I told them how I felt, we would not have gone apart.” “Maybe if I had chosen another option, we would not be in this situation.” “I should have taken those chances when I had the opportunity; now I need it to do what I want and I do not have them ”. “Why did I never tell them it annoyed me, that they did not ask me how I was?”

One by one  , what you regret and the unknown can become an eternal vicious circle:  you know where it started, but it is impossible to know where it ends. Because it does not.

You can hurt yourself as much as you want. You can ruin yourself little by little if that’s what you feel like doing. Although your inner self may not like it that much.

Stop and think: Why are you doing this? Why do your grief and your mental mess speak to you?

If you are honest with yourself and answer these questions, you will discover more than you could ever imagine. You can identify your inner needs and desires.

Now dive into this question: is it useful to undo your mistakes?  Do you really think that’s just wrong?

Before you continue to blame and make yourself a victim, let me tell you something. They are not wrong. They are opportunities.  Focus on all the learning experiences you get from them.

Discover the hidden opportunity.

It’s all about wanting to  come forward and evolve,  instead of being stuck and trapped, as if we had a chain around our ankles that keeps us trapped in our past.

You can try for yourself right now if you want. Choose one of your mistakes, turn it around, and reflect on what you can learn  from that situation  or experience.

Everything you are today is thanks to something you did or did not do in your past.  Your successes and your mistakes. And maybe more the latter than the former.

After all that you have been through so far, through your life,  you will probably have a lot of things you are proud of.  And is it not thanks to the adversity and the learning experiences you have received that you were able to achieve them?

I want to give you a minute to answer it… And really listen, because it’s a message to yourself.

And I mean not only successes, dreams and goals, but also your  qualities, benefits and personality,  your essence. Don’t you think they have something to do with your mistakes?

Everything you have been through, everything you have felt, thought or done, had external consequences, but also internal ones. It’s up to you how you use them: you can squeeze them and get all the juice out or keep the dry and withered parts,  skim the surface or dig deep and find the wisdom  that comes with it.

Mistakes are the door to learning.

Every action, thought and feeling  you experience has had a series of consequences in your life. The most important thing is to be aware that everything you are today is affected by what has either happened or has not happened in the past. And if we erased all our mistakes, we would also erase what we have learned from them.

By deleting one story or experience, we would not be the same. And for that reason, instead of wasting time worrying about the possibilities of having done things differently, one  should start worrying about how to be the best version of oneself in any situation, any moment, any second .

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