To Have Courage Is To See Hope In The Dark

To have courage is to see hope in the dark

Most of the significant, amazing things that have happened in the world have been accomplished by people who had the courage to keep trying as others believed there was no hope. They could see hope in the dark.

The courage and faith they had gave them confidence and security, making them even more determined to achieve their goals.

Your wishes can only come true if you are brave enough to pursue them. You must be able to see hope in the dark. There will be thousands of obstacles no matter which path you choose, but there is no reason to give up.

The future belongs to those who have the courage to believe in themselves, but who also do not lose faith in others. For these people gain courage over fear, and then they dive into the unknown, despite the risks.

Winston Churchill once said that “courage is rightly the first of human qualities, because it has been said that it is quality that guarantees everyone else.”

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Without courage, there is no future. You can not just keep putting things off. The hope you find in the struggle shows you that the crisis can wait, but life can not.

Choose to go your own way and do not be afraid of the criticism of others. Above all, do not be paralyzed by your own self-criticism.

Happiness comes from freedom, and freedom comes from courage

No one can be completely happy if they are not completely free. True freedom lives in the mind, and you can only be free when you are brave enough to choose to be so.

The difference between freedom and addiction is not the absence of fear or the presence of trust, but the courage to act regardless.

We all go through life with a desire for things. As Paulo Coelho once said, there is no desire without the opportunity to make it a reality. When we make our desires a reality, it is that we achieve freedom.

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There is no simple path to freedom. In fact, most go through valleys before reaching the top of the mountain of their desires.

But remember , success is not final and failure is not fatal. The way you look at your problems will be determined by where, much courage you have to go on.

When we want freedom, we find that it completely depends on how brave we are.

Courage is being able to see hope in the dark – it constitutes true leaders

Courage is a hallmark of a true leader, in part because their words and actions are always visible.

In fact, courage is absolutely essential if we want to be successful, happy and motivated. Leaders are not braver than normal people, but they are brave for five more minutes.

Courage is an ability, which means it can be learned. Leadership requires you to have it, because leaders need to be brave enough to make decisions, even when they are unpopular.

When you are in a position of responsibility, administration or leadership, it is important that you believe in your abilities so that others will too.

To change your life, you need to learn to lead yourself. To lead yourself, you must be brave enough to accept yourself. You may not feel comfortable in every situation if you do not have your own confidence.

Cat who sees his mirror image as a lion can see hope in the dark

A particular Richard Hamming quote perfectly sums up the power of courage in our lives: “When you get your courage up and believe that you can handle important problems, then you can. “If you do not think you can, then you remove all possibility.

“Physical courage is an animal instinct; moral courage is much higher and more threatening courage. “

-Wendell Phillips-

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