To Have Is Not Possession, For Possession Is Not Love

Even today, many people confuse possession with true love. Has the presence of possession in a relationship ever worked? Why do problems arise if we think this way?

Today we will experience the great differences that exist between having, possessing, and what this has to do with love… Or not. Let’s get started!

Love is neither a cage nor freedom from being alone. Love is the freedom to fly with a person by your side. It is to let go, without possessing.

To have someone is not to possess them

Maybe we first think that having and possessing has something to do with each other. But the truth is, when it comes to relationships, there is a big gap between these two words. Having someone does not entail possession in any way. And this is something we really need to keep in mind.

Having someone means that we count on the special person who is by our side without them being forced into anything.  The person we love and desire but we know is free. They give us their company, love us, share their lives with us, but they do it in a completely free way.

There are people who think they possess people alone based on the fact that those people will be with them. But they do not realize that  humans are not objects and  that they have no obligation to stay by their side forever. They are free!

Possession very often creates uncertainty  because, as we have said, humans are not objects. People come and go. They come into our lives and we leave them. Despite the fact that we count on them in our lives, we cannot hold them back because we do not possess them. Possession is not love. Possession is uncertainty. It’s fear. It is an effort to hold on to what we cannot hold back.

To confuse love with possession

How do we know we are confusing love with possession? The biggest manifestation of this is jealousy. When a person is too jealous, that person will own their partner.  Maybe they have a false perception of what love is. Maybe they do not know that there is an absolutely unfair fear behind this.

How many times have you started a relationship and been aware that it might end before you expected it? Is it not true that the promises of eternal love and the idea of ​​taking trips together fill our minds? Without realizing it, we predispose ourselves to suffering.

We do not know how to have a partner without the need to possess them,  to have them for ourselves, to worry about whether they are interested in other people, to begin to have mistrust and jealousy and a clear struggle to make it clear that they are ours and only ours.

We need to open our minds, leave the relationship between love and possession that is already so outdated. Now we can see as a relationship between having and loving. To have the person who shares their lives with us but who we do not possess because they are free.

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