True Love Is To Tolerate Shortcomings

True love is to tolerate shortcomings

Perfect love is found in a way in the ability to tolerate shortcomings. That means living in an imperfect world and not in a Disney adventure. That adventure, with unconditional devotion, idealization, and blind responsibility, does not exist.

The love we are talking about is not just a pale shadow of fairytale love. But it is not dependent, passive or condescending. And it is certainly a big challenge. It is hard to nurture a love that does not idealize. It is difficult to have realistic expectations and tolerate shortcomings. 

It is important to emphasize that when we talk about imperfection, we are not talking about abuse, aggression or any other form of destructive behavior. It is unacceptable in all situations and we should always condemn that kind of behavior.

Couples kiss and enjoy that they can tolerate shortcomings

Falling in love is to love coincidences – to love is to be in love with diversity

Falling in love is to love coincidences and to love is to be in love with diversity. It is we who link the word “true” with stable love. It’s all worth it to develop the relationship from blind infatuation and lead it towards accepting and tolerating shortcomings.

We are talking about small flaws or flaws that come from diversity or habits. For example, it can be not taking the garbage out, not taking the laundry in, prioritizing incorrectly, not putting the cap on the toothpaste.

Disagreements must not define a relationship. If it did, then it would be a nightmare. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind what is healthy and what is not when choosing who we want to share life with.

Couple with flowers as heads

Daily interactions are what define a couple

In many aspects, conflicts in the relationship simply stem from different habits or priorities. Therefore, we must make an effort to mitigate and tolerate shortcomings and differences.

Why? Because there is no right or wrong in situations that do not harm our inner selves or our expectations in the long run. Where we leave our socks is not a crucial factor in our relationship.

In a relationship, one must accept each other and tolerate shortcomings

In love we must speak to one another as equals. This means that we must be aware of our responsibility to tolerate shortcomings and things that we do not agree on and that are not very important.

In a way,  experiences shape us, we are carried away by our emotions. This is a real commitment. To maintain it, we must constantly examine the root of our needs. We must avoid blaming our  partner’s shortcomings for our dissatisfaction.

Couples hold hands and enjoy being able to tolerate shortcomings

Emotions are different from passion as they are lasting and do not break easily. To love someone for their beauty is not love, it is obsession. To love someone for their intelligence is not love, it is admiration. To love someone without knowing why, it is in turn love.

Love balances our inner and outer impulses 

Love is the shaft that keeps the gears in our shared projects running. The most intense and invincible force is the one that unites us in understanding and acceptance.

It includes appreciating and acknowledging one’s partner. It means respecting the other person, their personal space, their freedom, trust and communication. It is also about shared projects, generosity and the happiness of being with the person you love.

Couples hug in front of landscape and enjoy that they can tolerate shortcomings

Why? Because we live in a world where romantic relationships suffer from an increasing number of conflicts. We seek perfection without realizing that we are imperfect by nature. 

If we keep this in mind, then we will realize that only love wrapped in the ability to tolerate shortcomings can save us from unhappiness.

The perfect couple does not exist. In fact, “being a good couple” does not mean that you do not have problems. This means that you are good at solving and tolerating them. To love means to be in love with the differences. It is to see the good and bad sides of our partner in a light that is not rosy.

The most beautiful place in the world is where we love and are loved. There we find tenderness, songs, confidence, sincerity, courage, you and I forever, and “I’m happy if you are.” Where there is love, the heart can listen to its favorite music.

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