Use The Law Of Least Effort To Deal With Stress

You are fully entitled to live your life as you wish. You are free to detach yourself from that which does not define you.
Use the law of least effort to deal with stress

The law of least effort to deal with stress is a reminder that sometimes, less is more. Let your reality flow, save energy and focus your attention on things that really matter.

The law of least effort to deal with stress can be very useful. It is a very simple resource from  Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. According to his approach, people should follow a lifestyle that allows them to save energy, live in peace and connect with themselves.

The “law of least effort” may make you think of several other ideas. You may be thinking of the people who are only doing the basic things they need to move forward in life. But the idea we are talking about today has nothing to do with  only doing what is necessary. 

The approach we are going to look at today has a lot to do with psychology, even though it is about spirituality. The law of least effort helps people focus on what really matters, put their priorities in order, get rid of useless habits,  and focus on what is happening here and now.

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The primary points in the law of least effort to deal with stress

Among the seven spiritual laws of success, according to Deepak Chopra, the fourth is the law of least effort.

To understand how it breaks with stress and the way it can help you deal with stress, it is worth thinking about this: Visualize the natural world; everything that happens in it seems to happen, without any visible effort, as if it is determined by inertia.

Everything is spontaneous. Suffering is only a remnant. The wind moves fallen leaves, flowers bloom, the river meanders between rocks and splits into different streams. Nature is balance. It is a world that floats in its own rhythm and circle.

But human beings are often caught up in a routine and in very limited ideas. You can create your own, personal prison by subjecting yourself to a routine of worry that only makes you suffer.

Do not force it, let yourself let go

Letting yourself go does not mean you have to get lost. The law of least effort to deal with stress requires that you practice the following:

  • You can invest too much effort and energy in goals and people who do not contribute anything in your life. In fact, they sometimes make you worry, instead of making you feel good. Try to work on the things that are worth your time and effort. 
  • In addition, you may sometimes be fixated on forcing certain things into your life that only make you tired. You work hard, for example, to be promoted at your job, or to become more well-liked. You invest time, motivation, and even your health, in goals that are not always right for you. It can end up making you more anxious. Try to set goals that will make you happy in the long run. 

No matter what your reality looks like, the best choice is to set yourself free. In fact, you can better understand this mindset with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s work: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Basically, it’s about not forcing anything into your life. Ignore what causes suffering and seek inspiration. Be accommodating to everything around you, connect with yourself and invest your energy in a different kind of productivity. A form of productivity that helps you achieve well-being and satisfaction.

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Acceptance: A fundamental aspect of the law of least effort

The second, important point, in the law of least effort to deal with stress, is acceptance. One way to reduce pressure, worry, tension and anxiety is to accept what you cannot change. In your daily life, you are part of an infinite number of realities: facts, dynamics and people that you do not get along well with or do not agree with.

Assume that  not everything can be under your control. Be proven that there will always be projects that could have ended better and a balance that could have been more stable. If you take the plunge, you will find peace.

However, you should always keep in mind that acceptance is not the same as giving up. Acceptance is actually an understanding that there are realities that are different from your own. It is therefore best to accept these facts, and keep investing in yourself. Learn to coexist with the dissonance between your actions, values, desires and aspirations.

Only you are responsible for your life

As you learn to accept things the way they are, you will discover a new revelation: Only you are responsible for your life. When you understand that everyone is free to choose their own path in life, how they behave and think, you will realize that you also have that power. But it is a power that demands great responsibility.

You are fully entitled to live your life as you wish. You are free to detach yourself from that which does not define you. Detach yourself from the things you do not like or that make you like. But you are also responsible for every choice you make in that process.

In fact, it is no longer valid to complain about or hold other people responsible for what happens to you. Only you define your destiny. Think about it. Try to use the law of least effort correctly to deal with stress in your life.

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