Wayne Dyer And 7 Of His Best Quotes

Wayne Dyer and 7 of his best quotes

When you read what Wayne Dyer said, it’s easy to see why he became such a great self-help psychologist. With books like, Renew Yourself, he transformed much academic psychology into simple, accessible, and practical reading. He enabled us to be agents of action in our own change and to be responsible for our own happiness.

Still, many have criticized Dyer’s work. Being a best-selling author for a long time in the field of self-help, resulted in the academic world rejecting his simplification of psychological theories and practices. But there is something we should keep in mind, something that Wayne Dyer himself understood very well.

Writing scientific articles for a university is not the same as writing for the public. One of the biggest challenges for those who work daily in an area with psychological processes in a clinic or in the university’s classrooms is being able to formulate the mysteries of human behavior to the world.

Wayne Dyer was possibly the best at doing this. Ever since his early years at St. John University in New York , he understood the transcendence and value of cognitive behavioral concepts, Abraham Maslow’s wisdom on human motivation, and Viktor Frankl’s thoughts on the meaning of life.

Those ideas shaped his first book. Later, he explored various spiritual aspects of human experiences, with the clear purpose: to help people understand themselves, look at themselves, and begin to change concepts, ideas, and attitudes, in order to grow.

sunrise, a new self

Wayne Dyers quotes to reflect on

Dyer was a psychologist, professor, a best-selling author in the field of motivation and personal growth, as well as one of the most successful speakers ever. He wrote several books including 5 children’s books. Today, more than 2 years since he died, his legacy is still alive and well. These words, as Wayne Dyer uttered, reveal the core of his practical wisdom.

1. Your attitude to life

Something that Dyer often used to say in his book is: “change your thoughts, change your life”. Happiness, as surprising as it may seem, is nothing more than an attitude to life. Regardless of our personal darkness, regardless of the difficult and gray days… Because if you are willing to overcome it, the perspective will change and life will be a little easier.

2. Selective attention

Let’s just admit it. How many times have we let go of a dream because we did not trust ourselves enough? We see more walls than open roads, and we set traps for ourselves. Let us expand our selective attention, which sees only the difficult, so that we too can see all the possibilities.

3. Do not be your own enemy

Wayne Dyer reminds us that it will  always be preferable to be hated for what we are, rather than loved for what we are not. When it comes down to it, there is no worse reason to suffer than to not be ourselves.

4. It is the present that matters

It’s hard to believe, but nonetheless we do: we do not value the things around us enough, in fact, we neglect ourselves. We let life take its course while we are worried about yesterday and a future that has not taken place yet. In return, we miss all the wonderful things that are going on around us right before our eyes.

Let us be the responsible builder of our own history. Let us focus on the present and be architects of our own happiness.

5. Take chances

The unknown is a vast unexplored territory where all our fears grow. A loud voice tells us that it is better not to take chances, that it is better to stay in our safety zone, where nothing new happens, but where we are safe after all.

But no one grows in this small area where everything is easy and familiar. There is no progress here and we can not be completely happy. As Wayne Dyer reminds us: “The more you see yourself as what you want to become and act as if what you want is already here, the more you will activate the latent forces that will work together in that. turn your dream into reality. ”

6. Dominate your inner self and focus

Here Wayne Dyer writes about the spiritual world, which is enhanced by closer than being degraded by the psychological world. There was something that he always defended in his books, and that is that we all have the resources we need to be able to experience complete peace, but sometimes we fill our minds with noise, the whisper of negative thoughts, exhausting attitudes…

All our strength is there, in our minds. But we must learn to calm it down, to center it. For that reason, we need to learn to connect to our inner self and pay attention to it, heal it, and give it peace.

inner peace

7. Learn to see the best in other people

A person who does not trust people and who only sees their weaknesses, defeats and bad behaviors definitely has a long way to go in the journey of his personal growth. Why? Those who only see faults are people who experience a lot of emptiness inside and in addition also have dangerously low self-esteem.

A person who is good at himself will not be preoccupied with the bad in others. Furthermore, it will only bring despair and suffering. But seeing the light in another person’s heart will give us hope and well-being.

All of these quotes by Wayne Dyer are very small examples of everything he has taught us. He was one of the most insightful psychologists and adept at sharing psychology so people could use it to build a healthier and more fulfilling life.


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