Whatever You Do, Do It With Passion

Whatever you do, do it with passion

If you love something, do it with passion. If you work, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about. If you paint, if you dance, if you write, do it with passion. If you play sports, do it with all your passion. Never forget  that your passion is the energy of your life. And everything you do with passion will make you feel perfect and happy.

In our lives, we tend to do many things out of duty, fear, and other people’s opinions. These are things that do not motivate us or that we just do not like. But what happens when you do something you’re really passionate about? Doing something we love motivates us, makes us excited, makes us smile, and fills us with energy. So therefore:  why not search for what you are really passionate about?

Find a job you are passionate about

One of the most fundamental questions about work is:  is this the job I really want? If you have anxiety on Sunday night because you have to go to work on Monday, then you are probably not working in the right place.

Work takes up a lot of our time. So it is important that we feel good about what we do, that we can feel we are bringing value to a company and to ourselves at the same time. We very often hear colleagues, friends and family, even ourselves, complain about our jobs. But  very few change that.

Impossible is cut across and becomes I´m possible

Keeping the same job when we have the opportunity to change it is another way of not being true to ourselves and our happiness. We must lose the fear that in most cases is unfounded. It is about living the best possible life and being the best versions of ourselves.

An important factor when looking for a job you are passionate about is dealing with your fears. Our dreams will be on the other side of what we fear. Then it’s time to dump her and move on. Think about what you fear. Accept it and visualize the worst that could happen. This way you will achieve a far more realistic perspective.

Find people who are passionate about you

The first thing we can do to start changing something about a job we do not like, or another aspect of our lives that does not make us happy, is to look for and surround ourselves with passionate people. People who send their enthusiasm in our direction. People who support us when we think about whether there is something in our lives that we should change.

Two people are lying and laughing

It is normal for people close to us not to understand that we want to change something in our lives. Especially if this “something” gives us good money at the end of the month. But we talk about our lives. People who truly value and love us will respect our desire to change ourselves, even if they do not understand it. They will even see it as something positive when they drop their skepticism and see the positive results.

Look for what makes you happy

What is it that really makes you excited and makes your heart rate rise? This is the path you must follow. There is always something that makes our heart beat faster and that elicits a big smile on our face.

When that happens, it’s because we do what we’re passionate about. Explore all the things you like. Sign up for courses. Talk to people who do what you love. Read, study, learn. Gradually you will be able to see clearly what your dream is.

Live your dream

Learn to convey your passion

When we do something that we are passionate about, we transfer our passion to other people because the enthusiasm oozes out of us. Our motivation will spread wherever we go and to any group of people we spend time with.

Arms throw leaves up in the air

At some point in your life, you will find another person who wants to change something in their life but who at the same time does not dare to take the chance. It will be the perfect opportunity to  convey all your passion so that another person will lose their fear of the future  and move safely towards their dreams.

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