When You Listen To Sadness, It Disappears

When you listen to sadness, it disappears

It is natural to feel sadness running through your body. To feel that it overshadows your mind and struggles to get out . But many of us insist on suppressing what we feel in vain in order to get rid of it. It not only makes the situation worse, but also causes our sadness to be nurtured and take root in our thoughts.

Society has taught us how to act. An artificial “should” . We try to keep our emotions in balance. Society tells us that laughter, for example, is good. It is a sign of joy. But it is annoying and unwanted when it is too high: either intentionally or by lack of self-control.

If this is how it is for positive emotions, negatives (crying, being depressed) should be strictly avoided. This restraint is drawn to such an extreme that even in the safe confines of our own home, with no one else around us, we may find it difficult to express these feelings. “It’s good to be sad sometimes, to break down from time to time. It’s ok not always to be the cheerful person that everyone wants you to be. It’s ok not to talk to anyone. It is ok to let the heart cry until there are no more tears. It’s good to be human. “


Man in forest with white balls experiencing sadness

Why has sadness found a place in your life?

Sadness can occur for many reasons: a dismissal, a breakup, a financial loss, or even an unexpected illness. These are all normal and ordinary situations. More common than we would think. The problem arises when we do not manage the emotions well, whether it is through ignorance or intentional denial. When we do not deal with the emotions, it ceases to be an emotion and instead becomes a state with roots that go deep.

Therefore, sadness has been able to make a home in our lives. If we are not able to really observe it and find out what it is trying to say, it will remain forever. Let us give some examples:

  • The grief that arises after a broken relationship is a natural part of the grieving process. Feeling it and experiencing it helps us turn the page and move on.
  • If it occurs due to an illness  , sadness can make us aware of our vulnerability. It can remind us to slow down and look inward.
  • In the face of a financial loss, sadness can cause us to stop for a moment to consider our options. Maybe we’ll find a solution we could not see before.

Being sad can be an opportunity to stop and reflect on what is happening to us. Above all, it can help us appreciate what we did not do before. But if sadness has completely engulfed us, if we are a step away from depression and just can’t shake it off of us, we need to move on and act.

“A sad soul can kill you faster, much faster than any bacterium.”
–John Steinbeck–

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Smart strategies to get rid of sadness

To get rid of all the sadness that brings us down and makes us wake up every morning, with a grimace of disappointment instead of a smile, the sadness that makes you feel that life does not make sense, we implement some strategies.

The most important are  to accept sadness and its manifestations as crying or introspection. It is useless to try to hold it in or reject it. We must accept that we are sad and above all give ourselves permission to express it. It does not matter if we are crying or crying. These things are necessary. Emotional cleansing does not work if we put up walls to keep it inside.

Crying gives us peace. It’s a kind of self-care. When you feel overcome by a sadness that just will not leave you, look for more ways to take care of yourself. Play a sport, eat healthy, go out with friends. In short, all is not lost. Little by little we can make small changes, to make us go again and motivate ourselves again.

In the end, it is worth trying to find internal motivation, a desire to try regardless of the possible outcome. When we have to do something that we do not want, we will still get through it. We can also try mindfulness , a quite enjoyable activity that will help us get better and gain perspective.

As a final remark, the key to all of this is to go to a professional when we just can not resist the pain, or when we feel so crushed by it and can not seem to find our way out . Although you may feel that your situation will never change, each storm eventually gives way to the sun’s beautiful rays.

“The rain is falling because the cloud can no longer carry the weight. Tears fall because the heart can no longer bear the pain. “

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