Why Can I Not Be Happy On Behalf Of Others?

You should value yourself for what you are, instead of what you have. That way, you can also manage to be happy on behalf of others when they achieve something good.
Why can I not be happy on behalf of others?

It is normal to feel envy, indifference or even really not care that others are doing well. However, one can sometimes find it difficult to be happy on behalf of others, and this can mean that there is an underlying problem. Most of the time, depression is the usual culprit.

In this article, you will find some clues related to this as well as how you can deal with this issue so that it can help you feel happy on behalf of others. Without envy and evil blood, you can make the joy of others your own.

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Why can I not be happy on behalf of others?

Maybe you have noticed that every time someone comes up with good news, you feel a little anxious about it. Or, perhaps, you have experienced this reaction in someone other than yourself.

With a single blink of an eye, you can see anger, envy, injustice and other, negative emotions. In short, you are expected to share the joy, but there is an invisible force that, just a moment, keeps you from being genuinely happy on behalf of others.

It is quite likely that this has not always been the case. You need to stop and think about what keeps you from being happy. As the old saying goes:

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Depression is often the cause behind

This tendency, to feel annoyed at the well-being of others, is, in a way, a dysfunctional, social behavior. In addition, depression can affect your relationship with others. Likewise, low self-esteem is also associated with this.

In a way, it can also be a curious situation. Low self-esteem makes you more likely to notice what others have and what you do not have. Of course, thoughts like these can have a negative effect in any case that causes one to keep in mind what one is reportedly missing and how bad one is feeling about oneself.

On the other hand, direct hostility is related to feeling envy. This feeling is the link between a broken, affective state and the tendency to negatively value what others have.

Likewise,  just feeling envy is not a sign of suffering. In fact, Professor Richard Smith emphasizes that envy is part of your survival instinct. You use comparison with others to measure your own success.

If seeing others happy makes you feel bad about yourself, or it has a negative impact on your life, then it can be a problem. This is a problem that needs a solution, and you can use the following strategies:

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What can you do to change this?

Stop negativity from taking shape and make yourself a bitter person, unable to feel empathy. Remember, the more you live life, the better you live. Some of the best strategies you can use are:

Be grateful for what you have

Try to focus on the things that make you feel good and change your perspective so that you stop clinging to what makes you feel bad.

Your worth does not depend on others

You should value yourself for what you are, instead of what you have. Your potential and what is deep within you makes you valuable. Moreover, you do not need anyone to tell you how much you are worth.

Try to find inspiration in the successes of others

Other people’s triumphs can be a demonstration of your own chances of success, and you can use them as a guide to achieve your goals. Instead of feeling envious, try to use their successes to motivate you to do better.

Realize that there is enough room for everyone’s enjoyment

This includes your own joy. Do not let yourself feel limited to the successes of other people. The world is a very big place and there is room for millions of winners.

Be confident about the future

Make sure you will find a happier place for yourself. You are not completely left to chance. Work with yourself and it will bring you joy. And, finally, find comfort in yourself and motivate yourself with good thoughts.

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